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📖 Welcome to Boost AI Search & Discovery, where advanced AI technology transforms the way customers interact with your online store. Our AI-powered search engine is designed to understand and anticipate user needs, delivering fast, accurate, and personalized search results.

⚠ This feature only works with Boost AI Search & Discovery V2 & above. To find out which version of our app you are using, please follow this article.

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Advanced AI-powered Search

Our advanced AI search feature utilizes the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on understanding the complexity of human language by adding structure and meaning to unstructured data. In the case of our app, this unstructured data refers to user search queries, which is critical for understanding the intent behind a user's search query and extract the necessary information to provide the most suitable products for them.

The advanced AI-powered search feature includes several key features that help improve the accuracy and relevance of search results for ecommerce stores. Among these features are Facet Extraction, Typo Tolerance, and Synonym Detection.

Facet Extraction

Facet extraction involves identifying different attributes of a product, such as color, size, and price, and extracting them from the user's search query. By analyzing these attributes, our model can provide a more accurate and relevant list of search results that match the user's search query. This level of detail and precision allows us to provide more tailored search results for a diverse range of industries, from fashion to furniture and beyond.

Here is an example that demonstrates how our AI model can detect and extract the different attributes of a product when a user enters a search term.

Intent Understanding

Our Advanced AI search system is designed to provide a personalized and efficient search experience for users by comprehending their search intent and identifying products that match their criteria.

For instance, if a shopper is looking for "women white sneakers for climbing $30-$50" they have specific requirements in mind. Our engine analyzes the search query and filters the results based on the user's specified criteria:

  • Color: white
  • Style: Sneakers for women
  • Intended use: Used for climbing
  • Price: A price range of $30 ~ $50

By doing so, the engine can present a variety of women's sneakers that match the user's specific needs and preferences, including high-top sneakers, trail running shoes, cross-training shoes, and more, designed for climbing activities or outdoor activities, available in white, and priced between $30 and $50. The AI's ability to understand the user's intent and locate suitable products enhances their search experience by making it more efficient and effective.

Typo Tolerance

Typo tolerance is a feature that allows a system to recognize and correct typing errors made by users. Typo tolerance is fundamental to modern search experiences by reducing frustration caused by small typing mistakes. It can save time and effort for users who may not have realized they made an error and can improve the accuracy of search results. For example, if a user misspells a word in a search engine, the search engine will suggest the correct spelling or provide results that match the intended word.

You can read more about how typo tolerance are applied in our search here.

Synonym Detection

We recently integrated an AI-powered Synonym feature into our search system that can automatically detect and generate synonyms based on various data sources, including user search queries, search behaviors, and product data of the store. Our model analyzes these data sources to identify patterns and relationships between different search terms and processes various possible representations of a word to generate relevant synonyms. By incorporating this feature into our search system, we can enhance the accuracy and relevance of search results, thereby providing a better user experience and driving more sales and revenue for e-commerce stores.

You can read more about how Synonym Detection works in our search here

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