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📖 In this article, we are learning about one of Boost AI Search & Discovery premium features: Semantic Search that will bring your customers' shopping experience to a whole new level.

⚠ This feature only works with Boost AI Search & Discovery V2 and above. To find out which version of our app you are using, please follow this article.

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Why Semantic Search?

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, the ability to quickly and accurately connect customers with the products they seek is paramount. Enter Semantic Search, a groundbreaking feature from Boost AI Search & Discovery, designed to revolutionize the way online shopping searches are conducted. This innovative tool goes beyond traditional keyword matching, delving into the deeper context and intent behind customer queries. By leveraging advanced algorithms and Natural language processing (NLP) techniques, Semantic Search offers a more intuitive, efficient, and satisfying search experience for users.

For example, first, let's search for Swim

We receive 5 results for Swim, mostly swimming suits. The users now still want the same thing, but they have a different way to interpret it, it's beach clothes. Let's do it once with Semantic Search enabled and the other without it.

  • With Semantic Search

  • Without Semantic Search

As you can see. by implementing NLP techniques, Semantic Search is able to provide customers with feasible results despite the unmatched keywords in their search query.

How to set up Semantic Search

💡 This feature is only available for Essential package (or higher) or AI-Powered Search add-on subscribers. Get yours here!

  1. In our app admin, go to Search > Advanced Search.

  1. If eligible, you will select Semantic Search from the left sidebar.

  1. Toggle ON the Enable Semantic Search button.

  1. Wait for a few minutes for our search engine to finish gathering your product data.

⚠ Estimated time may vary depending on your store's data; large inventory may require 15 minutes max for our search engine to learn and sync your product data.

Once it's done, you're all set!

How to use Semantic Search

  1. In Semantic search settings, adjust the slider cursor to apply impact weight of Semantic Search to your store's search results

⚠ Default setting for this function is 50% impact weight.

💡 100% means Semantic Search will fully take over your store's search engine. The higher the level of impact, the wider the range of results you may get from your search query.

  1. The simulator will help visualize how your Semantic search settings impact your search results on the live page—type in the search query you'd like to try on the search bar.
    • With Semantic search: This column displays the results with Semantic search enabled.
    • Without Semantic search: This column displays the results with Semantic search disabled.


  • The number of results that can be displayed initially is 20, to see more, scroll down and click Load more.
  • You can preview the product details by hovering over the targeted product and then clicking the 👁 button.
  1. Click Save settings to save your changes or Discard to reset them.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at