Product performance ranking

📖 The e-commerce landscape changes frequently, so you have to cater to the market trends and shifting demands of your customers to lead a profitable business. However, looking at sales analytics and developing new merchandising strategies can take up valuable time that you can use for other demanding tasks. Powered by AI, Product Performance Ranking alleviates this problem by intelligently prioritizing top-performing products to increase sales and enhance profitability.

⚠ Product performance ranking requires a subscription to the AI-powered Search addon and is available for Boost AI Search and Discovery V2 or above.

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Why product performance ranking?

We understand the importance of maximizing product visibility and conversion potential. In response, this feature goes beyond conventional listings, dynamically re-evaluating product rankings based on key metrics—Conversion Rate, Add-to-Cart Rate, and Click-through Rate. By doing so, we ensure that your product listings are not just static but adapting to real-time consumer interactions. This proactive approach enables merchants to strategically position and promote products that resonate most with their audience, enhancing overall performance and contributing to a more successful and informed e-commerce journey.

💪 For product performance ranking, we give greater priority to the latest performance events over past occurrences to stay relevant to customer purchasing behaviors.

How to enable product performance ranking

To enable our new feature, please follow these steps:

  1. From the app admin, go to Search > Advanced Search > Product Performance Ranking
  2. Click on the toggle button “Enable product performance ranking”
  3. Adjust the number of products you want to re-rank in the search results (range from 10 to 100, with steps of 10)

  1. Remember to Save settings!

Now, product performance ranking has been applied to every search term.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at