Judge.me Integration Guide

Judge.me helps you collect and display ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store. Here is our guide made for Judge.me integration with Boost Product Filter & Search app.

About Judge.me

App Information

Judge.me Integration Benefit

  • Show your reviews everywhere during navigation time and get profit right away.
  • Exclusive offer for Boost Commerce customers: Install now to get a 45-day trial.

Demo of Judge.me integration

Here are some of our customers' stores with our app and Judge.me integration.

Display reviews/ratings in the product item

Example for Judge.me integration with Boost Commerce

Display a filter option by ratings/reviews.

A site that applies the integration between Judge.me and Boost Product Filter & Search


Attention: The current document only works with the new front-end lib from Boost Commerce. Please read this document first to know if you are using the latest version.
Please go to Product Filter & Search -> Tool -> Metafields
Add the new metafield like the image below:
Namespace: judgeme
Key: badge

How to edit metafield to prepare for the integration

(Optional) Build a filter option by ratings/reviews.
Wait about 3 minutes for the syncs done before creating a filter option by review ratings: Go to the app's Homepage > Manage Filter tree > From a filter tree, click Add a filter option button > Choose Review Ratings > Click 2 Save buttons. Refer to this article for more details.

(Optional) Build Rating for the product items
Go to the  boost-pfs-filter.js file in your current theme & copy the following snippet:
// For boost-pfs-filter.js

// For boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid

Then paste it inside the block productGridItemHtml, where you want your Ratings to appear, for example, under the product price: 

Judge.me integration

If  productGridItemHtml variable does not exist, please check the file boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid:

Judge me integration

Add the below script to the  ProductGridItem.prototype.compileTemplate function:
ProductGridItem.prototype.compileTemplate = function(data) {
	itemHtml = itemHtml.replace(/{{itemReviews}}/g, buildReviews(data));
	// Add main attribute (Always put at the end of this function)

function buildReviews(data) {
	// Build Labels
        var  html = '';
        if (Utils.getProductMetafield(data, 'judgeme', 'badge') !== null) {
            html = "<div class='jdgm-widget jdgm-preview-badge' data-id='" + data.id + "'>" + Utils.getProductMetafield(data, 'judgeme', 'badge').replace(/\|/g, '"') + "</div>";
        return html;

Judge.me code

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