For dev - How to build Instant Search (App Lib V2)

This instruction is appropriate for App Lib V2 only. The app lib V3 associated documents will be available soon. Please contact us for further assistance.

Related files

  • Core files (Minified and DO NOT edit)
    • assets/boost-pfs-core-instant-search.js
    • assets/boost-pfs-instant-search.css.liquid
  • Custom files:
    • assets/boost-pfs-instant-search.js : JS file for customizing instant search
    • assets/boost-pfs-custom.css.liquid : CSS file for customizing filter + instant search

How it runs

When user types on the search box (usually on page header)

  • Instant search API is called: Instant Search API
  • After receiving results, Instant Search DOM nodes are built.
  • You can override how the app builds the instant search DOM with code in boost-pfs-instant-search.js