How to show matched variant image by filter option

Attention: This feature is not available for all customers yet.

This setting is to show matched variant images based on selected filter option values.

Here's an example of how the feature works: After selecting Green from the Color filter option, the variant with Green color will display as the featured image:


    Select the Filter > Filter Settings
    Switch to the  Product list tab > From the  Show matched variant image by filter option drop-down list, choose the option that should show the matched variant image after filtering.
    By default, you could choose only 1 product option to show matched variant images. Contact us should you need more or have special requirements.

    Click Save settings & see the result on your storefront
  • This setting is only appliable for filter options that are based on product options, meaning the ones having opt_ prefix in the Type values.
    Here's an example showing only Color and Dress Size filter options can be used for this setting.

  • This setting takes effect on all collection pages using either Default filter tree or Custom Filter Trees.
  • If this setting doesn't work on a collection page, recheck to make sure the filter tree applied on it has the selected option in "Show matched variant image by filter option".