What’s new of our App Lib V2?

We have launched the new App Lib V2. The release hasn't been applied to all customers at the moment.

What's new in the latest updated version of App Lib?

In this latest version of the Boost Product Filter & Search app, we have released brand new features and several performance boosts. Your customers now search and find the right products faster, bringing a better shopping experience and converting to higher sales for your business.

  • Advanced Filter & Search:
    • Multiple-level collections & tags filter options: Organize filter options values in parent-subcategory structures as you like with collections & tags options. See more.
    • Range sliders' new default style & settings: We've updated range sliders style with a new setting to show or hide range sliders' value. See more.
    • No search result in suggestions & search page: Control what your customers see in both suggestions & products if their search phrase return no results, reducing bounce out rate and increase your chance of gaining more sales. See more.
    • Show search results in Collections & Pages: You can now show collections & pages from your stores as part of a search result, not just products. See more.
    • Shopify Multiple-language & Shopify multiple currencies: Help your customers shop more freely in your store with their preferred language and currency. See more.
  • Analytics updates:
    • New total revenue generated by PFS app metrics: The new revenue metrics in Analytics will show you in numbers how much your customers have spent on your stores using the app filter & search system. See more.
    • Option to control revenue tracking in Analytics settings: As a result of the above metric, you can absolutely choose whether or not to have your revenue information in the Analytics report during certain times. See more.
  • New tool settings:
    • Swatch settings: This feature helps to enrich your filter options display with images or custom colors instead of default basic ones. See more
    • Sort by options: Change the label of the sorting order in the Search results & Collection pages and actively add new options based on product attributes such as tag, reviews rating, meta field, etc. See more
    • App Integration: A new automatic integration process helps you effortlessly integrate the most popular third-party apps within seconds. See more
  • Fixes & improvements:
    • Better Search analytics algorithm: Apart from counting total searches, we've updated our algorithm to take into consideration more valuable search terms and high-quality suggestions made by your customers, giving you a fuller picture of what your customers might be looking for in your stores.
    • App performance & Theme setup: We did some cleaning up in files loading structure and scripts to simplify loading processes and improve your store performance. We also optimize page speed to make filter trees and images load much faster now. See more.

How to check if your store's theme is using the new version of front-end lib or not?

You could check the file theme.liquid if it has the code  {% include 'boost-pfs' %}. If it does, your theme is using the new version of the frontend lib. 

If you are not familiar with codes, please contact us at support@boostcommerce.net and we will help you check it.

latest updated version of App Lib