How to use canonical URLs setting

This feature is not available for all customers yet. If it does not work with your theme, please email us for further support.

When you have several URLs which share the same part, for example:


Google search engines will only pick one as canonical URL and ignore others, hence negatively affecting SEO.

Boost Product Filter & Search canonical URLs setting lets you tell the search engines that a specific URL is for a corresponding product page. Using this function, you can prevent duplicate content issues and improve SEO rankings. The setting can be implemented on both  Collection pages and Search result pages.


Click the Filter > Filter Settings

Click the filter>  Filter Settings

From Display Settings, switch to Product list tab > Set Yes/No for Use canonical URLs for product pages > Save settings. (By default it's unchecked)

Use canonical URLs for product pages

When the option "Use canonical URLs for product pages" is enabled, on your site, it will show as below: