What is Default Theme?

The default theme will be built for your store after you run our app's auto-set. This default theme is generated because our app has detected that your current theme isn't available in our library yet, which often happens when the theme does not belong to Shopify, or the version of the supported theme name is not supported, or the supported theme was heavily customized before installing our app.

After you run the auto-setup and the default theme is set up, it will only change your collection layout and search page; other pages will not be affected by this. We can guarantee that this default theme runs smoothly on multiple devices with necessary components like any other theme. Moreover, it also includes some features that help your business such as Quick view, Add to cart, Most popular, Recently view. Besides, we also build an in-app Default Theme Settings setting so that you can modify basic elements like the number of products per page, per row, etc.

In case you want to use our app and keep your current unsupported theme's layout, there are two workarounds to consider:
  • You could manually customize our current default layout by following this document: How to customize product layout.
  • You could manually set up our app on your unsupported theme with this guide: Manual Setup Instruction for any theme
  • Watch this tutorial video to know how to use Default Theme Settings: