Filtering products by using tags

📖 By utilizing product tags, the app enables you to set up filters for specific product attributes in your filter trees. You can use them to create thematic filters and filters for collections with multiple layers of product grouping.

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Create thematic filters in your filter tree

Thematic filters help users find products that are related to some themes. For instance, Macy’s offers a filter called " Dress occasion" to help online shoppers find appropriate clothes for daytime or a formal occasion easily and, in turn, increase the conversion rate.

As you might want to help your customers discover more products of interest, with Boost, you can offer a thematic filter when you create a " tag" filter option. According to Shopify, products can no longer have more than 250 tags; however, Boost does not limit the number of tag values for each filter option.

Thematic filters are very context-dependent and they have to be tailored uniquely to your store’s product catalog. For example, you sell scented candles and your customers choose candles based on how long they would last so setting up a thematic filter to let them choose candles by their burn time would be a perfect decision.

Filtering Products by Using Tags

💡 Boost offers a tag-value feature called tag prefix which has the form prefix:value where:

  • prefix is the designated filter option and is written with no space
  • value is the filter value of the filter option and can be written as normal words

To use tags to create that "burn time" thematic filter:

Step 1: Create tags

  1. From your Shopify’s admin, go to Products
  2. Click the name of the product that you want to display its burn time
  3. In the Product organization section, go to Tags. Then, enter a tag as "burntime:Two hours" with "burntime:" as a prefix
  4. Click Save
  • Open other products that you want to add the "burn time" tag and follow the same steps as above. Remember to add the corresponding value with the prefix "burntime:"

Step 2: Create a "tag" filter option

  1. From our app’s dashboard, go to Filter > Manage filter trees
  2. Select the filter tree that you want to create the thematic filter with tag option
  3. Click Add filter option
  4. Select Tag in the drop-down of Option Type
  5. Enter Burn time in the Option label section
  6. Select Using prefix
  7. Fill in "burntime:" in the Filter the tags by a prefix section

⚠ This prefix is solely used to filter proper products and it will not be displayed on your storefront.

  1. (Optional) In the Extended values section, select filter values that you don’t want to be used to set up this filter option
  2. Save on the Edit filter option page
  3. Save on the Filter Options page
  4. Check how new settings appear on your storefront

💡 You can also use product tags as values for the Multi-level collections filter option.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at