App Onboarding


Product Filter & Search app provides the best search and navigation, including three features: Filter functions, Instant Search and Suggestion, and Full Search Result.
We offer a 14-day free trial for all merchants without any payment action. Let's get started!

Getting Started

In the first step of the installation, log in your Shopify account and access or access  Apps section from your admin page and click on Install app button.
Next, you are prompted to select your preferred filter layout: Vertical or Horizontal.
After that, our app will run two processes:
  • Index data: 

    The app will fetch your Shopify data by synchronizing the product's and collection's data 

    Product Filter and Search app will sync with Shopify data and use it to set conditions for creating filter options. The filter option is created based on product attributes (Product Options - Size, Color, etc, Tags, Vendor, etc.) so please make sure these attributes are available in your store.
  • Auto-Setup process: 

    The app will automatically duplicate your live theme and rename the new theme as [Boost] Live theme with filter & search 1. You can test our features on this theme without affecting your live theme.
    • If your theme is on our supported theme list, we will keep the layout of your current theme. We use Javascript to clone the logic of displaying product list from Liquid.
    • Otherwise, we will set up our Default layout (view demo) for your store.
You now can preview this duplicated theme with our app on by clicking the  Preview the filter button 

To preview the setup theme again, simply click  View theme status on our app Homepage.
When you feel happy with the theme having our app on, publish it by following instructions via this link.
After looking into the theme, get back to the admin page and verify the setup. We are here to assist you if there is an issue.

Finally, hit Take me to Homepage button to get into the app Homepage. You can continue to create your desired filters and manage advanced search features.

Filter feature


After the installation, there will be two default filter trees:

  • Default filter tree: shown on all collection pages.
  • Search filter tree: shown on the search page.

Each filter tree includes three default filter options: Vendor, Product Type, and Price.

If you want to create a new filter tree for a specific collection, check the steps below to create a Custom filter tree.


Before continuing with the How-to, you may want to look at the essential information:

How to

Customize the filter tree

Visit this page for more app tutorials.

Advanced Search and Suggestion feature

Search Algorithm

Our Search engine analyses the product information and returns the products that match mostly with the entered-search terms. Learn more about how the Search feature works here.

Instant Search Management

By default, this feature applies to your theme automatically after you install the app. To change the default search options, hit the Seach button in the app Homepage, and access Instant Search Display.

Product Ranking & Rule-based Merchandising

Set rules with product attribute to create product promotions Control product levels in search result page:

Other advanced search features

You can make full use of the Search features with our  How-to's .

App Integrations

Product Filter & Search app integrates will many third-party apps who are experts in the fields. From Multi-Language, Multi-currency, Wishlist, and many more. You may find the list of our integrating apps and how to implement such integrations on the Integration page of the Tool section.

If the apps you are using are not on this list, please contact us .


Our Analytics feature helps you analyze shoppers' behavior & navigation activities.



After installation, your Sorting order will be rebuilt to work with our Filter. Our app not only supports all sorting values of Shopify (Best-selling, Created date, Price, Title) but also the advanced ones with a quote (Metafield, Vendor, Reviews, etc.).


Our app supports 3 pagination types, which are Pagination, Infinite Loading, and Load More. You can self-modify the pagination from the Settings with this guideline.

Any lingering question? Keep calm and head to our Guide & FAQ!

If you need further support with our app, contact us at

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