How to hide out-of-stock products/variants

Our app can automatically hide products/ variants from your store when they're out of stock. You can modify our default settings from the Shopify admin.


Click the  Filter >  Filter Settings

From  Display Settings, switch to  Product list tab > Depend on your demand, turn on one of two following options in the Out of stock display options drop-down:
  • Hide out of stock Products/Variants: The out of stock items will be hidden in the first load.
  • Only hide out of stock Products/Variants after filtering: The out of stock items will not disappear until the filter is made.

(Optional) In Filter tab >Show all irrelevant values (product count = 0): Sometimes, you need to show the customer all values including the irrelevant values (product count = 0). It would help your customer to know that your store has that option but it’s not available this time.

When the option "Show all irrelevant values (products count = 0)" is enabled, on your site, it will show as below:

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