Visual merchandising overview

📖 Boost Commerce’s new Merchandising feature is designed to give store owners even more refined control over how their products appear in their stores, making it easier to set rules for product positioning and improving the overall user experience.

⚠ This article only works for Boost AI Search & Discovery V3 and above. To find out which version of our app your store's current theme is installed with, please follow this article.

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Overview of new features and improvements

Streamlined and Intuitive UI/UX

The Merchandising feature has been optimized to gather all settings in one tool, with a centralized and user-friendly interface. This makes it easy to switch between settings and clearly visualize the conditions and consequences of the rules you wish to set.

Highly customizable & enhanced merchandising settings

We have enhanced the new merchandising feature by giving greater emphasis to keyword-based search relevance. Rather than solely relying on a fixed list of prioritized products that are always shown at the top of search results, the latest Merchandising feature lets you create more adaptable strategies (Pin, Boost, Demote, Hide and Filter) by choosing which conditions to apply and setting consequences for how the rule affects your front store.

Additionally, Filtering strategy has been added to refine product searches and promote specific products, making it easier for store owners to run campaigns and increase sales.

Store owners now can create multiple rule conditions by using various product attributes. For example, you can hide products based on diverse attributes such as vendor, product title, etc rather than just product tags, as was the case previously.

With our new features, you can now specify the date range for all their merchandising rules, which ensures that your merchandising strategies are aligned with your marketing calendar and seasonal promotions.

Improved search efficiency

Our new and improved Merchandising feature is designed to optimize search response time and enhance user experience, making it easier and faster for your customers to find the products they're looking for. With faster and more efficient search capabilities, your customers can enjoy a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience, which can boost your brand reputation and customer loyalty over time.

Merchandising strategies

Our app allows you to create up to five merchandising strategies.

💡 The strategies are set in the priority order (highest to lowest)

Hide > Pin > Filter> Demote > Boost.

Pin Products

Pin” strategy enables you to pin one or a group of products to the top of your search results or collection pages, ensuring that they are shown above everything else. For example, there are some products with very high margins and you want them to display at the top of your search results, you can easily use pinning rules.

Boost Products

Boost” strategy gives you the ability to create dynamic rules for boosting products based on various attributes such as price, vendor, tags, and more.

For instance, you could use these rules to highlight products with high-profit margins by moving them to the top of your organic search results.

Demote Products

Our "Demote" strategy allows you to decrease the visibility of specific products by creating rules that push them down in search rankings. For example, if you have a product that has received negative reviews or has a low conversion rate, you can use the demote feature to reduce its visibility in search results and promote more popular products instead. By using this strategy, you can ensure that your customers only see the products that are most relevant and likely to lead to a sale.

Hide Products

Hide” strategy with Boost merchandising allows you to hide products from search results and collection pages based on various [product attributes. If certain products are consistently not selling well or receiving much engagement from customers, it may be a good idea to hide them from search results. This can help prevent clutter on the site and make it easier for customers to find products that are more likely to interest them. Furthermore, this feature is also helpful if you only sell certain products during specific times of the year (e.g. holiday decorations).

Filter Products

Our app now includes new "Filter" rules that can be used to refine product searches and highlight specific products. During the Christmas season, as a store owner selling women's dresses, you want to highlight your dresses with red and green colors to attract customers looking for festive attire. With our new "Filter" rules, you can easily refine your product searches and limit the display of dresses to only those with red and green colors. This will increase the visibility of your Christmas-themed dresses and help boost sales during the holiday season.

Tutorial video

Check out our tutorial video on how to use Visual Merchandising feature:

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