Setting up hand-picked products recommendation

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Manual settings help you manually pick or modify the recommended products appearing in a recommendation widget.

  • Note: This feature is only available for App Lib V3, please contact us for further instructions.

Manual settings can be applied to these recommendation types:

  • Hand-picked products: Manually select up to 15 recommended products and set up their orders in this widget.
  • Frequently bought together and Related items (Coming soon): Pin your hand-picked products to the top of the automatic recommendation list. The number of recommended products by AI models will be replaced accordingly by the number of manual-picked products.

Create hand-picked products recommendation

To create a hand-picked recommendation, you will need to do 2 tasks:

  • Create a hand-picked products widget in Manage recommendation widgets.
  • And set the rules for hand-picked products in Manual settings.

Create a hand-picked product widget

To create a hand-picked product widget in the app’s dashboard:

  1. Go to Recommendation > Manage recommendation widgets.
  2. Click button Add new widget.
  3. On the Page type section, Select Product page > button Create (currently we only allow the Hand-picked recommendation widget on Product page).
  4. Select Hand-picked products > button Create.
  5. In the step General set up, you will see the field to input Widget names and Hand-picked products settings field → this is when you need to go to the Manual settings feature to set the rules for it.
  6. After the Hand-picked products are set up, click button Save & Next.
  7. Design for widget on Visual editor with Widget layout and Widget title.
  8. Place the widget in your storefront by using Theme App Extension or HTML.

Set rules for hand-picked products in Manual settings

  1. From the app’s admin, go to Recommendation > Manual settings.
  2. Click button Add product.

  3. In the Source product section, click Add product and select the source product that you want to add recommendation list manually in popup Source product. Then click Add to save your action.
    • Note
      • One source product only can add once. If you can’t find the product on source product popup, this product might be added to the hand-picked product list. Please go to the Manual recommendations dashboard and edit this product.
      • You can add a list of source products with the same list of recommended products at a time.
  4. In the Recommended product section, click Add product and select all products you want to show as recommendations in the popup Recommended product. Then click Add to save your action.
    • Note
      • Maximum 15 recommended products for 1 source product.
      • This order is the order of recommended products on the storefront. To re-order the position of recommended products, you can grab the products by the dots and place them in your preferred order.
  5. Click Save.

Edit a hand-picked recommendation

On the Manual settings dashboard

  1. Choose the source product you want to edit on the list.

    You can quickly find the source product by using the search box to search with source product title).

  2. Click “edit” icon (pencil icon).
  3. Delete 1 recommended product by clicking the delete icon:
    • Select adding other recommended products by clicking on “Add product” button.
    • Drag and drop to arrange the recommended list.
    • Delete the recommended products.
  4. Click Save.
  • Note: You can only edit 1 source product at a time.

Delete a hand-picked recommendation

On the Manual settings dashboard:

  1. Choose the source product you want to delete on the list.
  2. Click “Delete” icon (trash bin icon).
  3. Finish by click button Delete on confirming popup “Delete this recommendation?”.