Customizing style of elements on a page

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Color settings - this parameter allows you to choose the color for the text, background, or border.

Open the color picker, click the color swatch for the content type color you want to change.

  • To set a specific hex color code, click on the text field to enter the color.
  • To set the color to transparent, click the icon ˆ  to change to the rgba code format, and then change the value of the 'a' in ‘rgba’ code to 0.


Font family: You can change the font family for your text label from the drop-down list. We are using the Shopify Library Font.

With every font, you can configure the following parameters:

  • Font style: Select your preferred font style from the drop-down list
  • Font size: Use the slider or input your preferred size in pixels


Text transform: You can change the text transform here. There are 4 options to choose including

  • - : None
  • AG: Uppercase
  • ag: Lowercase
  • Ag: Capitalize