For dev - How to enable App Blocks in Theme App Extension

Attention: Please kindly contact to enable Theme App Extension first.
Currently, we only support our Default layout with Theme App Extension.

What app blocks and app embed blocks are in your app and their purpose

  • Boost PFS and - app embed blocks - Define the app’s functionality.
  • Boost PFS Style - app embed blocks - Define UI displayed in your storefront.
  • Boost PFS Template - app block - Display product list on the collection and search pages.

What templates app blocks and app embed blocks can be added to

We can add app blocks and app embed blocks to the collection pages and the search page.

How to enable/disable App Blocks and App Embed Blocks in Theme App Extension

Duplicate the theme.
Run Theme Revert if it already has theme setup.
Enable App Embed blocks

Theme settings > App embeds > Enable Boost PFS & Boost PFS Style App embed blocks

Enable App blocks

Go to Collection> Add section > Scroll to the end of the list and pick Boost PFS Template.
Then disable the original product list of the theme.
You can drag & drop the app blocks to change the position.

Do the same for the Search page: 
  • Add App block, and disable the original Search result block
Attention: on the Search page you will see the following error which is from Shopify. In order to fix it, you just need to save the theme.
Liquid error (sections/apps.liquid line 3): Could not find asset snippets/ThemeBlockDrop.liquid

How to configure the app block settings 

Currently, we haven’t had any settings for the app block - Boost PFS Template 

How to activate and deactivate app embed blocks 

The app embed block can be activated and deactivated by clicking the toggle on the theme settings in the theme editor