Langshop Integration Guide

Here is the guide we create for Langshop Integration with Boost Product Filter & Search.

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About Langshop

App Information

Langshop Integration Benefit

  • Unlock the ability to translate your filter trees and products into preferable languages.

Demo of Langshop integration

Here are some of our customers' stores with our app and Langshop integration.


How to translate the product item & suggestion

After the translation app has been well integrated into your theme, the  Sync multiple languages data option will be available on the Sync menu. Please select this option from the dropdown list then click on the Sync multiple languages data button & check your store again.

If the store still does not translate, please contact us at, we will help you check the problem.

Attention: Please be informed that the translation approach currently does not include TagsVendorsTypes and Metafields

How to translate filter tree

Please refer to use the Dynamic Text translate in Langshop app, it gives the ability to translate filter tree. You can find more information in the link below:

Attention: Please click on the "Sync multiple languages data" button everytime you make changes to products' multiple languages