Langify Integration Guide

📖 Here is the guide for Langify Integration with Boost AI Search & Discovery app.

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About Langify

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Integration Function

Integration between Langify and Boost AI Search & Discovery app will unlock the ability to translate your filter trees and products into preferable languages.

How to integrate Langify with Boost AI Search & Discovery

How to translate the product item & suggestion

After adding the app to your Shopify store, the Sync multiple languages data option will be available on the Sync menu. Please select this option from the dropdown list then click on the Sync multiple languages data button & check your store again.


Wait till the sync process is finished and we are good to go! 

If your store is not translated after this step, please contact us at for further assistance. 

Attention: Please be informed that the translation approach currently does not include Tags, Vendors, Types and Metafields.

How to translate filter tree

Go to the Langify > Custom > Add new custom content
Langify and filter
Then go back to your store & check it again. Everything should show up correctly now:
Langify Boost
(Optional) If you do not see the custom content you have translated, please try disabling & re-enabling the language:
Langify codes

Attention: Please click on the Sync multiple languages data button everytime you make changes to products' multiple languages setup

Currently, Langify has no option to create custom contents in bulk and they highly recommend you to translate only the necessary filter data to avoid slowing down your page's loading speed.

If you encounter any issues during the integration process, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance at