App Overview

Check out an overview of the Product Filter & Search dashboard:

Learn about Product Filter & Search's key features, how it looks, ways to set up, and some helpful tools.

App Features

Product Filter and Search App has two main features:


Outstanding Product Filter

Our product filter includes Refine by Collections, Vendors, Product Type, Price, Percent Sale, Product Options (Color, Size, etc), and multiple Tag Filters. Some highlights of our filter function:    
  • Multiple filter options with multiple selections: Our app allows customers to create filter trees with a varied selection of filter options and display types. It allows people to select multiple options under the same category (filter options) and automatically eliminates those that are unavailable for filtering based on previous selections.
  • Display different filter tree on different collection: Our app allows user to create different filter trees which can be assigned specifically to certain collection pages, including the all products collection page and search result page.
  • Filter based on product availability: This feature helps users filter based on product stock status. meaning they'll be to still show the out-of-stock but can navigate to in-stock easily.

Advanced Search and Suggestion

Results showed as-you-type with spellcheck, auto-correction. It shows popular search suggestions with live product preview with this principle ( Learn more):
  • Keyword suggestion is based on the following fields product title, vendor, product type.
  • If there is no Search Result from the entered keyword => Show Default Search Result Products.
  • When the user selects a keyword, it redirects to the full search result of the keyword.
  • As for the Full Search Result, depends on the length of the keyword, our search engine will “full-text” search with the following fields with special “boost weight number” title > vendor > product_type > options > tags > SKUs, barcodes > body_html. ( Learn more about our search's algorithm)

    App Mechanism

    Product Filter and Search app will sync with the Shopify data and use it to set conditions for creating filter options. The filter option is created based on product attributes (Product Options - Size, Color, etc, Tags, Vendor, etc.)

    After the installation, there will be 2 default filters:

    • Default filter tree: shown on all collection pages.
    • Search filter tree: shown on the search page.

    If you want to have a different Filter Tree with more filter options for a specific Collection page, you simply need to click on the "Add filter tree" button to create a brand-new one. Click here for more details.

    App Setup

    • When installing our app, we will process the auto setup to install our features to a duplicate theme of the live theme so that it doesn't affect your live store. Click here for frequent FAQs about installation.
    • When you are happy with the theme, please publish our theme to make our app live in your store by following this instruction.
    • If you want to install our filters to another theme, from the app Homepage > Theme tab > Theme setup and follow the prompts. In this step, you will choose the destination theme and be able to choose either the horizontal or vertical layout as well.

    Demo store

    Our product filter is available in two layouts: vertical and horizontal.

    Vertical layout

    Boost PFS vertical

    Horizontal layout

    Boost PFS horizontal

    For more stores, please refer to our Showcase.

    Other Tools


    Merge values

    This feature allows you to group multiple option values into one for better displays and navigation in case they have too many to show. For example, you can group Light Blue, Dark Blue, Ocean,... into one values that can filter by all, Blue. Here is the instruction.


    Name the buttons in your preferred words. Click here for the details.

    App Integration

    Product Filter & Search + Third-party app allows you to do even more.
    • Multiple languages (Langify): allows your search results to be translated into multiple languages with ease.
    • Review apps (Yotpo,, Rivyo, Stamped, Product Reviews, Ryviu, Loox Review, etc.): enables you to display and sort by ratings and reviews.
    • Other apps: Product Search & Filter can also be combined with wishlist apps, product comparison apps, Quick View apps, and many more.

    For our list of apps we integrate with please check out this link