Key features

Boost AI Search & Discovery is a Shopify app that provides a variety of tools to help your business by letting you customize product filter options and advance site search functionalities. Many built-in features make it easier for you to not only implement flexible merchandising strategies, and gather insightful analytics on customer behavior, but also integrate different Shopify apps.

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Here’s a quick review of key features that are helpful for users to get started with Boost AI Search & Discovery

Product Filter

Different filter trees for different pages

Boost AI Search & Discovery allows you to create different filter trees with different filter options for each collection page and search result page based on your desire. This means that your customers no longer have to use default filter options for various situations and can shorten their time to find what they want.

Customize and advance filter options

You are able to create dynamic filter options, customize, and manage them based on how you understand your customers. The app also enables you to merge filter values, manually arrange filter values, and show tooltips. The availability filtering feature is available and easy to be configured.

Customize filter displays

Many built-in features are provided to help you configure your filter displays with various formats, menu layouts, and filter values. They make it easier for you to keep your brand appearance consistent.

Site search

Customize search fields

Our app performs a deep data crawl and product search through all the product attributes that you have to return more exact results. The app provides you tools to turn on and off any product attribute that you do not want the search engine to run through so that search results can be delivered faster.

Spell check and typo tolerance

Customers can misspell words and make many typos when searching for a product. To ensure that they can still be suggested relevant products, Boost AI Search & Discovery comes with spell-check and typo tolerance features to enhance your customers’ search experience.

Promote specific items through the search box

The search suggestion dictionary enables you to promote specific items by changing their priorities. This feature is helpful in promotional campaigns or seasonal sales.


The “Search redirect” feature lets your customers access a specific page after they enter keywords. This tool helps your business remarkably in cross-selling, up-selling, and campaign promotions.

Synonym list

Some customers might only know the synonym for your product name and end up seeing a “No Results” pop-up. We provide a synonym list to help your customers more likely to find what they are truly looking for.

Turn “No Results” into sales

By activating “Search Term Suggestions” and “Product Suggestions”, your store can auto-suggest popular searches and trending products to customers when there are no results matching their entered keywords. This gives your customers more purchasing options and satisfaction.

Stop words

The Stop Word feature can be utilized when you want some words to be filtered out when the search starts running. With this, the site search engine of your store can focus more on important terms and deliver faster results.


Our app provides tools to assist your business in implementing merchandising strategies. Those tools enable you to promote not only a specific collection by setting up and managing rules, but also specific products in search results. 


Boost AI Search & Discovery provides a dashboard that lets you view insights data and analytics about your customers’ shopping behaviors. The analytics shows which products are trendy and which filter option values they have clicked on the most. You can also see a list of keywords most entered by your customers and which searches are returning no results. By getting analytics on customer behavior, you can offer what your customers need and plan one step ahead of your competitors.


The app can still work well when you decide to have other apps installed in your Shopify store. A set of tools has been developed to allow you to integrate other apps with Boost AI Search & Discovery, enabling individual apps to serve their designed purposes and work with one another. The integration feature is easy to use and does not require any extra development. 


Product Recommendation intelligently recommends products based on the aggregation of store shopping data and the ability to pick certain items for promotions manually. Suggestions for appropriate items at every touchpoint of your customer journey help increase product findability for better navigation and awareness. As a result, this feature may boost your customers' engagement while escalating store cross-sale. 

Check out an overview of Boost AI Search & Discovery dashboard: