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📖 Boost AI Search & Discovery is a Shopify app that allows you to tailor product filter choices and improve site search functionality to help your business. Many built-in features empower you to not only execute flexible merchandising strategies and collect insightful consumer behavior information but also integrate your business with various Shopify apps.

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Here’s a quick review of key features that are helpful for users to get started with Boost AI Search & Discovery

Product Filter

Different filter trees for different pages

Based on your choices, Boost AI Search & Discovery allows you to establish different filter trees with different filter options for each collection page and search result page. This implies that your clients will no longer have to utilize the default filter options for various situations and will be able to locate what they are looking for in less time.

Customize and advance filter options

You can create dynamic filter options, adjust them, and manage them depending on your knowledge of your clients. You may also merge filter values, manually arrange filter values, and display tooltips with this program. The function of product availability filtering is available and simple to use.

Customize filter displays

Our app includes many built-in features that put you in control of how your filter displays are displayed. From different layouts to filter values, you'll discover everything you need to keep your brand's image consistent and seamless.

Site search

Customize search fields

To provide accurate search results, our program conducts a comprehensive data crawl and product search across all of your product data. You can choose which product attributes you want the search engine to exclude from the search process, which helps to speed up the search results.

Spell check and typo tolerance

When customers search for a product, they often make spelling mistakes and other errors. Boost AI Search & Discovery has spell-check and typo-tolerance capabilities to ensure that relevant products are still presented to customers, improving their search experience.

Promote specific items through the search box

The search suggestion dictionary allows you to prioritize products and promote them in the popular suggestion list that appears in the search box. This feature is particularly useful for promotional campaigns or seasonal sales as it increases the visibility of the products in the instant search bar.


Using the "Search redirect" feature, you can redirect your customers to a specific page after they enter keywords. Your business will benefit greatly from this tool if you want to cross-sell, up-sell, and promote campaigns.

Synonym list

As a business owner, you might have noticed that customers often use different names or terms to describe your product, which can be frustrating for them when they fail to find it on your website. To address this issue, we have introduced a new feature called the synonym list. This feature allows you to create synonym groups, which can reduce the chances of a "No-result" page appearing. By using this feature, you can improve the customer experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase satisfaction levels.

Turn "No Results" into sales

Enabling the "Search Term Suggestions" and "Product Suggestions" capabilities allows your business to automatically display popular search phrases and trending products to customers when their entered keywords yield no results. This helps increase customer satisfaction by offering them more purchasing options.

Stop words

During the search process, the Stop Word feature can be used to filter out specific words like repeating product terms. As a result, your store's site search engine can prioritize key phrases and provide faster results.


Our application provides businesses with a suite of tools designed to facilitate the implementation of effective merchandising strategies aimed at increasing average order value (AOV) and conversion rates. These tools allow businesses to optimize search results by establishing and managing rules that promote not only specific collections but also individual products. Through this process, businesses can achieve a more refined and targeted approach to their e-commerce operations, enhancing their overall performance and competitiveness.


Boost AI Search & Discovery offers a dashboard that allows you to access valuable data and analytics related to your customers' purchasing habits. The analytics provide information on the most popular products and the filter options that customers frequently use. You can also view the most commonly searched keywords, as well as the searches that yield no results. By analyzing customer behavior, you can better understand your customers' needs and stay ahead of your competitors.


Boost has made an effort to ensure that your business runs smoothly alongside other installed Shopify apps. A set of tools has been created to help you seamlessly and easily integrate other apps with Boost AI Search & Discovery. This will allow individual apps to serve their intended purposes while also interacting with one another. The integration feature is simple to use and does not require any additional development.


Our Product Recommendation feature uses store shopping data and lets you manually select items for promotions. It suggests appropriate items at each touchpoint of your customer journey to help customers find what they need more easily. This feature can increase customer engagement as well as store cross-sales.

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