How does the Minimum must match advanced settings work?

The below settings should only be modified by advanced search users since it can change the search result significantly. If you need help modifying your search result please contact us at

The advanced settings are used to change the minimum percentage must match of search terms.

The default and recommended minimum percentage a search term must match is 100% for those that are 2-word, and 85% for those that are 3-word and above.

For example, By default, a search term of 5 keywords must match all 5 to get search results. However, you would like to alternate the default minimum must match so that a search of 5 keywords only needs to match at least 2 words to get search result


Go to menu Search > Select Search settings 

Select the Advanced settings tab > Modify the number of minimum percentages must match > Select Save settings 

See how to adjust Advanced settings in Search settings: