How to create filter option or search by metafield?

In this article, we will guide you to create a filter option (Shopify filter by metafields) or Shopify search metafields, you can add them using Boost "Metafields" feature.


Before adding metafield in the app admin, please ensure your products have metafield using a 3rd-party app or Shopify.

Step 1: Add your current metafield into Product Filter & Search app

    Go to Menu Tool >  Select Metafields.

    Select Add new (metafield). Fill in the namespace and key information of your metafield (ie. info-StyleColor). Select Save.

  • The Search and Filter option checkboxes are both selected by default. If you don't need either of which, please uncheck one.
  • Search by added metafield works when you select Search checkbox and vice versa.

Step 2: Searching and creating a filter option by metafield

    To create a filter option by the added metafield, go to Menu Filter. Select Manage filter trees
    Select a filter tree you would like to add this new metafield filter option into and start creating from the metafield listed under Option type. Select and edit your filter option values (ie. Metafield-info-StyleColor). Select Save.

The added metafield now shows as a filter option type. When you do not add the metafields, its filter option will not appear).

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