Pause & cancel your subscription

After setting up your subscription, we understand that you might want to take a pause from using Product Filter & Search or cancel your subscription completely.

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Pause your subscription

At the moment, we have not developed tools to pause your subscription for a specific period of time. In this case, if you want to stop the billing for some reason, you can consider uninstalling the app.

After using the app for a period of time, all the settings that you have made in the app will be stored after you uninstall the app. When you reinstall the app, you don’t have to spend much time making those settings again. 

Cancel your subscription

When you no longer need Product Filter & Search and wish to cancel it, please follow this guide to uninstall the app safely without affecting your Shopify store’s data and settings. 

When you decide to cancel your app subscription, you can always ask for a refund for ONE latest payment in any case.


If you are wrongly charged due to our system errors, you can contact us at for further assistance.