Uninstall Boost AI Search & Discovery from your store

When you delete or uninstall an app from your Shopify store, if the app is not built with tools to remove its codes along with the deletion of the app, then there is generally some code of the app left behind. 

In the event that some code of Boost AI Search & Discovery was left behind, your Shopify store speed can be affected, your theme layout might break and look problematic, and sometimes your collection page might show no products. The reason behind those situations is that your live theme still contains Boost AI Search & Discovery's code after you delete the app from your Shopify admin. 


Once you reinstall our app in the future, your previous settings in our app will be restored. Keep in mind that some updates about your theme or our app during the offline time can cause small glitches. In this case, please contact us to be supported.

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Theme Revert

Boost AI Search & Discovery comes with a feature, called Theme Revert, which helps you remove the app's codes automatically from your live theme before deleting the app from your store. 

By running the Theme Revert before uninstalling the app completely, the default code of your live theme will be restored, and your store's theme layout will work smoothly as it was before having the app's features.

To run the Theme Revert:

  1. From the app's admin, go to Theme > Theme setup.
  2. Find your live theme, which the app injected its code into, or any themes which have the app's code and you plan to set them live in the future.
  3. Go to Actions and click:
  • V2
    • Remove all filters & search features > Select Remove.
  • V3
    • Select Remove our app features.

    • Select all features > Click Next.

  1. Delete the app completely.
  • Note: If the "There is an error" notification shows up when you are trying to run the Theme Revert, it means the code needs to be manually removed.

Remove the app's codes manually

Before uninstalling any apps, it's important to check the app's help documentation to determine whether there are any steps required to complete the uninstallation. 

If you delete Boost AI Search & Discovery without running the Theme Revert, and we no longer have access to your store, then you can take the following steps to manually remove the app's code from all the themes which have the app's code.

If you have other concerns or issues about the process of removing the app’s code, you can contact us at support@boostcommerce.net and our customer support team will be happy to help you.