What happens when the plan exceeds?

Our app automatically checks constantly your total product. In case, we detect that it exceeds the current plan, we will send notification emails to the store owner and also have a pop-up notification on top of the app admin when the first reminder email is sent.

Here is an example of the pop-up note:

Exceeding plan of Product Filter & Search

Within seven days, please subscribe to a higher plan to continue using the app. Otherwise, you can delete/archive unused products and sync your store again to match your current plan. 

If you do not take any action within the first 7 days after your plan had exceeded, your frontend store will start to show only 01 filter option. 7 days later, if you have not yet subscribed to a plan, your access to Product Filter & Search app admin will be restricted. From that moment onwards, you cannot configure the app settings until you subscribe to a higher suitable plan. If you need help during this time please contact us at support@boostcommerce.net

Please note that the notification emails will be sent to the store owner’s mailbox.
( Click here for instructions to change the registered email address)