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📖 This article will help you learn about add-ons with free trial support and how they work.

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Using Add-Ons During App Free Trial

During the app's free trial period, we align the add-on's free trial with the app's free trial to ensure that you can test all features freely. This means you can add, use, and remove any add-on unlimited times.

However, when the app's free trial ends, the free trial of the add-on you added will also end. Even if you only used the add-on for one or two days, the remaining days will not be saved in this case.

Using Add-Ons When Paying for the App

Boost AI Search & Discovery offers a free trial for certain add-ons, allowing you to test their effectiveness on your store. Please refer to the table below for more details:

Add-on Free Trial
AI-Powered Search 14 days
Visual Merchandising 14 days
AI-Powered Recommendation 14 days
Variant Display Not Offered
Analytics Not Offered

⚠ The trial will only be offered once during both the app trial period and when you are paying for the app.

💪 If you remove the add-on during its trial period, the remaining days will be saved. When you add that add-on later, the trial will be restored.

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