Plan fees and features

If you notice that the 14-day trial period can help with your business growth, and you want to upgrade to a paid plan, then Product Filter & Search offers a variety of monthly plans so that you can find one that fits the needs of your business.

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Plan fees

When you decide to upgrade to a monthly subscription, Product Filter & Search will automatically check the total number of products in your Shopify store and proceed to recommend an appropriate plan to you based on the number. 

It is worth noting that you can subscribe to either a plan that fits the total number of your products or a higher plan when you believe that your business will expand in the near future.

How Product Filter & Search counts your products

A monthly plan is recommended based on the total number of products in your Shopify store that our app checks constantly. The app counts all products in your Shopify inventory, including in-stock products, out-of-stock products, products in draft mode, and products with an active status. 

To count the Active/Draft Products, please access:,draft

The app does not count product variants and SKUs. For instance, if a product comes in more than one option of color, the app still counts it as 01 product.


If there are a number of products that you do not want to be counted by Product Filter & Search before it recommends a plan to you, then you can either delete or archive them. By doing that, our app will automatically exclude them from being counted when recommending a plan. 

To count the Archived Products, please access:

Plan price frame

Here comes the plan price frame based on the total number of your products in your Shopify store and Shopify Plus store:

Plan features

There are slight differences between the monthly plans for Shopify stores and Shopify Plus stores.

Monthly plans for Shopify stores with 1000-10000 products:

  • Your monthly plan includes all features of Product Filter & Search. 
  • You will receive 24/5 live chat and email support. 
  • Premium AWS infrastructure is not available.

Monthly plans for Shopify stores with more than 10000 products, and Shopify Plus stores with 1000-50000+ products:

  • Your monthly plan includes all features of Product Filter & Search. 
  • You will be offered 24/5 live chat, phone support, and 24/6 email support
  • Available premium AWS infrastructure consists of the following:
    • Most secure, extensive, and reliable infrastructure powered by AWS.
    • Speedy loading time - less than 200 milliseconds for 100,000 products.
    • Great for large inventories, support up to 1 million products.
    • Air-tight data security with regular updates and audits.

Your total products exceed the current plan

Product Filter & Search constantly calculates the total number of your products in your Shopify store and can quickly detect when you have more products than the number of products that your current monthly plan allows. In those situations, our app will send notification emails to your store owner immediately and leave a reminder banner on top of your app admin as the following:

We suggest you upgrade to a higher plan that fits your product quantity to continue using Product Filter & Search. Otherwise, to match your current plan, you can delete or archive some products so that they can be excluded from being counted constantly.

Within 7 days after you see the reminder banner about the situation, if you don’t take any action to upgrade to an appropriate plan, your frontend store will start to show only one filter option on each filter tree. After the following 7 days, your access to the Product Filter & Search app admin will be restricted and you can no longer configure the app settings if you don’t choose a higher plan. If you need help during this time, please contact us at