How to use Synonyms

By common usage, synonyms are words that share the same meaning. In our app Boost Product Filter & Search, use Synonyms when you want to have different search terms bring up a search result that includes other searches. These words can share relevant products or words that you don't have in your product data but your customers might want to search by.

How to set up Synonyms

    Go to Search menu. Choose Synonyms. Choose +Add new 


    Adding synonyms
  • Bi-drection synonyms (<=>): treat all words in search terms and synonyms as equal as one another, so that when you search for any of the words in the group it will also find any of the other words in the group.
    • Example: You want to bring up as many "bikini" products as possible, but there are a lot of different words used in the product name besides "bikini", such as: "bathing suit" and "swimsuit".

       In order to make the most out of a search result for these products, set up the  bi-direction synonym for the word "bikini" as the search term, and let "swimsuit" and "bathing suit" be the synonyms. When your customer search for "bikini", it will also find "swimsuit" & "bathing suit", and vice versa.

  • Uni-direction synonyms (=>): Search for alternative words of a search term but the alternative terms are not synonyms of each other.
    • Example: A search for “tablet” will also find “ipad pro”, “samsung galaxy tab”, “microsoft surface pro". However, you wouldn’t want iPad Pros showing up when someone does a search for “samsung galaxy tab” or "microsoft surface pro", so a bi-direction synonym would not work for this situation. ⇒ In this case, set up with uni-direction synonym, using "tablet" as the search term while "ipad pro", "samsung galaxy tab" and "microsot surface pro" are the synonyms.

Note about choosing the right synonym keywords

Since the synonym search results rely on those of the synonyms, therefore when setting up synonym keywords, please consider choosing the exact words and phrases that are already available in your product.

For example, your product title is Vintage Floral Bikini Set. The synonyms should be: bikini, the search term should be words that your customers might use which are not already in the product title, such as swimsuit, bathing suit, etc.

Attention: Search term and its synonyms search result doesn't resemble each other 100%, since there are other search algorithm factors which contribute to the result of each search phrases. Currently, the synonym feature can parse from Product Title, Vendor, Product Type, Product Option, and Tag

How to add synonyms to the suggestion list

When settings up synonyms, every synonym search term could be added to the suggestion dictionary. To add a search term to the list of popular suggestions in the instant search widget, please check the box Suggestion list before saving synonyms.


You will now see the search term added to the Suggestion dictionary (Menu Search ⇒ Suggestion dictionary) with the default ranking option Normal.

Suggestion dictionary If you wish to modify the ranking of the recently added search term, please select the Edit button and set a new ranking. See how to change the orders of popular suggestions using Suggestion dictionary?Suggestion dictionary

Exporting/Importing synonyms

You can export and import a list of synonyms using a CSV file. 

  • Importing file: Prepare a CSV file with the exact below format > Click the Import setting to ship it to the store.
"Search Term";"Synonyms";"Bi Direction";"Enabled"

Note: true and false can either have double prime "..." or not since these are boolean values.

Tip: You could use Notepad, TextEdit, or a similar text editing app to check if the format is correct.

  • Exporting file: Click the Export setting > Hit Export.