BEST Currency Converter Integration Guide

📖 BEST Currency Converter works with 160+ currencies including Bitcoin. Converts prices instantly, on any devices, any theme, even if you use ajax. You can even add all the currencies with the push of a button. Here is our guide for BEST Currency Converter integration with Boost AI Search & Discovery app.

About BEST Currency Converter

App Information

BEST Currency Converter Integration Function

  • Covert preferable prices on your product list.

💪 When prices are converted using currency converter apps, the resulting values may include several decimal places. To enhance readability and maintain consistency, we round the prices to a more concise format.

For example, a converted price like $3.134223 may be rounded to $3.13.

How to integrate BEST Currency with Boost AI Search & Discovery

This feature only works with Boost AI Search & Discovery V2 and above. To find out which version of our app your store's current theme is installed with, please follow this article.

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes
Find the theme you'd like to integrate the app and click Actions (⋯) > Edit code.

From the 3rd step, it will be different for each version, select one of the options below for the app version that your theme is installed with (if you have not known it, yet, please follow this article to find out):

V2 or V3



In Asset folder, find boost-pfs-filter.js file. Then search for this line of code:

Add this code snippet below into the function (between the { })
	if (typeof DoublyGlobalCurrency !== 'undefined' && jQ('[name=doubly-currencies]').length > 0) {

Go back to Asset folder, find boost-pfs-instant-search.js file. Then search for this line of code:
Add this code snippet below into the function ( between the { })
InstantSearchResult.prototype.afterRender = function() {
  if (typeof DoublyGlobalCurrency !== 'undefined' && jQ('[name=doubly-currencies]').length > 0) {
Click Save to save all the changes you've just made and you're all set!


In Asset folder, find this file named:  boost-sd-custom.js.
Add the code snippet below to the boost-sd-custom.js file:

if (window.boostSDAppConfig) { window.boostSDAppConfig.integration = Object.assign({ currencies: 'best' }, window.boostSDAppConfig.integration || {});}

It should look like this:

Click Save and you're all set!

⚠ Due to the exchange rate differences between the currencies, it is expected to be minor discrepancy in the product price after the conversion. Therefore, the Price range slider & the search results (Filter) for product prices may vary for different currencies but very insignificantly.

If you encounter any issues during the integration process, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance at