Shopify Multi-Currency Integration Guide

Here is the guide for Shopify Multi-Currency Integration with Boost Product Filter & Search app.

About Shopify Multi-Currency

App Information
Shopify Multi-Currency Integration Benefit
  • The integration between the Product Filter & Search app and Shopify Multi-currency allows merchants to accelerate growth with the most advanced suite of solutions for filtering and searching in their preferred currency.

Demo of Shopify Multi-Currency Integration

Here are some of our customers' stores with our app and Shopify Multi-Currency feature integration.

Shopify Multi-Currency Integration

Shopify Multi-Currency Integrate


Build for the product items

Access the "Payment provider" page in your admin to add/update/delete currency to meet the store’s needs.
Click on the "Sync Now" button to show the expected result on the front page at once.

Shopify Multi-Currency code

Note: This step is compulsory every time you modify currency because Shopify does not send us a notification of this action.
Should there is any issue arises, please contact us at for help.

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