Privacy & Compliance Policy of Boost Commerce

📖 At Boost Commerce, we always set Data Privacy as the top priority. We understand the importance and seriousness of our customer data toward the business.

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Privacy & Compliance Policy of our app

We do not and will never share, disclose, sell, rent, or otherwise, provide personal information to other third parties or companies (other than to specific Shopify merchants you are interacting with, or to third-party apps or service providers being used by the merchants you are interacting with) for the marketing of their own products or services.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, and GDPR for more information:

Privacy & Compliance Policy FAQs

Why does your app require information about our customer's email address, phone number, IP address, etc.?

Our app does not read or store our customers' personal data. In our app, Store Owner Information and Store's Customers Information are considered personal data.

For Store Owner Information, we will remove all personal details and we only keep the Email (Encrypted in the database), and the State/Country of the Store Owner. No names, addresses, or any other personal information is stored in our database once you have uninstalled our app.

For Store's Customers Information, we do not store any personal data of the store’s customers. Our app receives an Order hook from Shopify to update the availability of related products in the store, which includes some sections of customer information. However, all the personal-related data are automatically deleted as soon as the app receives the hook. Only product-related data are kept for data sync purposes.

Why does your app need the Orders permission?

We need the Orders permission to support the Analytics feature of calculating Order Revenue from our app. This permission is read-only, we don't store your information. You can always disable it anytime or you can edit our Collaborator permission by following the steps from this instruction.

Why do we ask for a collaborator account?

With your approval of the collaborator request, we can access your store with limited permissions so we can check your issues. You can delete our account whenever you want.

You may find this request in your email box or the Shopify homepage. 

We see that our data is modified. Are there any causes from your app?

Boost AI Search & Discovery does not modify your data by any means. It is worth noting that our app does not have the write permission to modify your store's data. You can refer to our Data Processing Agreement.

Does your app remove our Shopify data (Product, Collection, etc.) after uninstallation?

Our app does not remove/delete any data/information from your Shopify store such as images, products, collection details, etc. as we do not have any permission to do so. 

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