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Replying to related-Sync inquiries.

I've modified/added a product but I haven't seen it updated yet, why?

When you make changes, these can take a while to be applied, especially if you have a large store. In detail, our app has the "Quick Sync" mechanism, which will automatically trigger a sync every 3 minutes to update your modifications. However, since all updates from a store are queued and processed one at a time, it could be slow if there are a lot of updates (like thousands) in the queue.

If you wish to see the change to be updated on the frontend immediately, you can do a Sync from our app Homepage to re-sync all the data. If long waiting keeps bothering you, you could email us to investigate further.

I've reordered manually a collection but it is not affected in the front store, why?

Currently, Shopify doesn't have Webhook for Collection update (more info here). So in order to get the new order, please go to our app and run the Force sync. Also, our app has the "Quick Sync" mechanism that will automatically trigger a sync every 3 minutes to update any modification you have made even though there is no webhook received.

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