Sync FAQs

📖 Here are some common issues you may encounter when working with Boost Sync feature and ways to address them.

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I've modified/added a product, but I haven't seen it updated yet, why?

When you make changes, these can take a while to be applied, especially if you have a large store. In detail, our app has an Auto-Sync process, which will automatically run every ten minutes to check and update any modifications you have made.

During the process, all updates from a store are queued and processed one at a time. Each time you edit a product/collection, it is considered as one update. The process rate is about four updates per second. So it could be slow if there are a lot of updates (like thousands) in the queue. And syncing a collection could also be slow because we need to sync its products sort order.

If you wish to see the change updated on the frontend immediately, you can go to our Sync tab from our app Homepage to sync recent updates.

If long waiting keeps bothering you, kindly email us to investigate further.

I've reordered manually a collection but it is not affected in the front store, why?

Currently, Shopify doesn't have Webhook for Collection update (more info here). So in order to get the new order, please go to our Sync tab > Sync overview to sync recent updates. Our app has an Auto-Sync process, which will automatically run every ten minutes to check and update any modification you have made even though there is no webhook received.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at