How to create a Multi-level Collections filter option

This feature is not available for all customers yet.

When you need multiple levels of filter options under your collections, create them with the Multi-level collections option display. The  highest level of the filter option is Collections. The two lower levels are Tags.

Multi-level collection


    Add a new Filter option and in Option Type, select "Collection"
    In Option display, select "Multi-level collections"

    Multi-level collection

    Set up your preferred multi-level collection structure. There are 3 levels of collections (level 1) and tags (level 2 & 3) that can be added.
    • Scroll down and select the +Add new item to... to add another level to the current level.
    • Rename the filter option labels to display them on your stores if needed.
    • Drag and drop a Multi-level collections item to re-arrange its order of display on the frontend store.

    Multi-level collection

     Click  Save
    Note: Our app supports filtering in one collection-scope only. Thus, the app will automatically uncheck your previously chosen parent category if you choose a new one.

    The behavior on the storefront when selecting a value of  multi-level collection filter option from a Collection page and a Search page can be different:

    On the collection pages, you would be redirected to the selected collection.

    On the Search result page, you will filter which collection the returned products belong to. This is because filtering on  the Search page is meant to filter all products relevant to the search keyword and also satisfy the condition of the selected value.
    For example, after searching "dress", I selects polos from the multi-level filter option, it will only filter within the dress products which have the polos  tag.