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Product Filter & Search provides a set of tools to let you set up custom filter trees with all types of product attributes based on your store’s product catalog.

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What is a filter tree?

A filter tree lets your customers narrow down their product search with details such as price, color, reviews, size, and more. The details are presented in the form of category-specific filters. Each of these filters is called a filter option. Our app creates filter options based on product attributes and Metafields from your Shopify store. Each filter option can have an unlimited number of values (such as red, green, and blue for a "color" filter option).

In the following example, the filter tree contains two filter options which are Style and Brand. The Style filter option has various filter values such as Classic, Goth, Exotic, and Punk.

filter trees

Our app lets you set up limitless filter trees, then you can offer your customers a higher level of product filtering and a better shopping experience.

A visual filter-tree-creating guide is available on Youtube. Check this out!

Types of filter trees

Currently, our app provides store merchants with 2 types of filter trees with different functions.

Standard filter tree

This filter tree group consists of a Default filter tree and a Search filter tree.

  • A Default filter tree is a filter tree that applies to all collections' pages by default. It ensures that your online store always offers a filtering solution regardless of which collection your customers are visiting.

When you create a Custom filter tree and apply it to a specific collection’s page, this Custom filter tree will replace the Default filter tree.

  • A Search filter tree is a filter tree that is displayed on search result pages by default. It lets your customers navigate the right products among those displayed as search results.

When you disable this filter tree, the Default filter tree will apply to search result pages.

Custom filter tree

You can create and apply custom filter trees to different collection pages based on different filter options. Custom filter trees come with different filter options for different product types to ensure the best filtering experience for each category.

When you delete or disable a Custom filter tree on a specific collection page, the Default filter tree will automatically replace it. 

Enable, disable, and customize your filter trees

The following picture lets you know which filter trees can be added, enabled, disabled, customized, and deleted.

filter trees

Note: If a collection is already associated with a custom filter tree, you cannot associate it with another filter tree. However, one custom filter tree can apply to multiple collections.

To enable and disable a filter tree:

  1. From the app’s admin, go to Filter  > Manage filter trees.
  2. Toggle the Status button of the filter tree that you want to enable to disable.

To create a custom filter tree:

  1. From the app’s admin, go to Filter  > Manage filter trees.
  2. In the Custom filter trees section, click Add new filter tree.
  3. Fill in the name of this filter tree and select one or multiple collections that you want this filter tree to apply to.
  4. Click Add filter option to fully set up this filter tree with necessary product attributes.
  5. Click Save on the Edit filter option page after you complete setting up a filter option.
  6. Click Save on the Filter options page.

To clone a filter tree:

  1. From the app’s admin, go to Filter  > Manage filter trees.
  2. Click the duplicate icon of the filter tree that you want to clone and select the number of clones you want to create.

Note: Duplicates of the Default filter tree and Search filter tree will be assigned in the Custom filter tree section.

To delete a filter tree

  1. From the app’s admin, go to Filter  > Manage filter trees.
  2. Click the trash icon of the filter tree that you want to remove. Keep in mind that deleted filter trees cannot be recovered.
  3. Click Delete. 

To hide a filter tree from a specific collection

Our app allows you to hide any type of filter tree from a specific collection in your Shopify store:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections
  2. Click on the collection that you want to temporarily remove the filter tree created by our app. 
  3. In the Online store section, choose boost-pfs-original theme in the drop-down of Theme template
  4. Click Save
  5. Check if the collection does not have a filter tree created by our app on your storefront. 

If you want to hide collection filters in bulk, please contact us to manually adjust the codes.