Viewing your referrals and commissions

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You have two options to track your referred stores and the commissions they generate: Monthly Commission Report and Affiliate Dashboard

Monthly Commission Report

  • Every month, you'll receive a Monthly Commission Report in your email.
  • This report includes an attachment in xls format, offering details (myshopify URL) of your referred leads, customers, and the rewards earned during the previous month.
  • The xls file attached has 3 tabs: Leads, Customers, Rewards.


State Definition
Active/Lead Lead on trial plan or expired plan
Signup Approved lead to be moved to the customer list next month
Pending Lead awaiting verification
Cancelled Lead canceled their plan
Denied Denied lead for being invalid


State Definition
  • Valid active customers whom you can receive the commission from
  • Some active customers may not generate commissions due to receiving app discounts. If they switch their plan or their discount expires, commissions will resume.
Cancelled Customers who cancelled their plan


  • This provides commissions generated by your referred customers in the past month.
  • As mentioned above, some active customers may not generate commissions because they are currently receiving discounts from our app. If they switch their plan or their discount expires, you will start receiving commissions from these customers again.

Affiliate Dashboard

  • For a quick overview of your total referrals and commissions, simply log in to the Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Store name and myshopify URL are not visible in the dashboard; please check the monthly report for full details.

View Your Rewards:

In the "Rewards" tab, click "Download" to save the full commission report. After saving, open the report to check your monthly referral commissions.

Key Fields in the exported file:

  • Status: Indicates if commissions are approved (paid stores) or denied (not subscribed stores).
  • Earnings: Your monthly earnings from each referred store.
  • Lead ID: Generated for each myshopify URL input.
  • Lead Email: Optional field for store emails (not required).

View Referrals' Status:

In the "Referrals" tab, click "Download" to save the full report of your referrals' status. After saving, open the report to view the number of referrals and their statuses.

Key Fields in the exported file:

  • State: Status of your referred stores: active, denied, cancelled, sign up (see more above)
  • Created_at: The date/time when a referral is added
  • Customer_since: The date/time when a lead becomes a customer (paid store)

A few important points:

  • We use First Promoter as our third-party affiliate solution. While occasional issues may arise, we're diligently working to improve your referral experience.
  • If you face any inconveniences, remember we're committed to tracking your performance fairly and offering support.
  • Your referral link can be customized upon request, so feel free to inquire if you're unsure.
  • For suggestions, concerns, or feedback, please contact us at

Thank you for embarking on this affiliate journey with Boost! 🥰