Affiliate Dashboard

First Promoter is the platform that accompanies you on the affiliate journey with Boost. So let’s take some time to get to know it 🙌


The 1st block gives you an overview of your account and also allows you to update your profile settings.

  • Referrals: Stores that you refer to us. These stores have installed Boost AI Search & Discovery (BSD) and are in trial plan.
  • Customers: Referrals who subscribe to Boost BSD (paid store)
  • Clicks: Clicks on your unique referral links
  • Unpaid Earnings: The amount that we’ve owned you
  • Edit Profile: Here you can add/update your personal info, change password, change email settings (what type of email content you’d like to receive), and your payment account.You can also access the profile setting by clicking the account tab (your first name) on your far right.

  • The 3rd block is the space for you to add your referral or customer. Please make sure to add the stores that you referred us to and the format must be: Clicking ‘submit’ then just patiently waiting for us to verify the lead (More info about How we approve leads)

  • The 4th block is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). So if you have any questions, please check out this section first for quick answers.


  • Details tab is similar to a report that shows you the account performance daily, weekly or monthly. If you’d like to see the account performance in a different time range, feel free to contact us.
    • Signups: The number of referrals you have by day, week or month
    • Earnings: The commission you earn from all referred (paid) stores by day, week or month


  • Referrals tab shows you a list of your referrals and customers with details of their join dates and emails (if you add this info). You can also download the list in CSV file by clicking the ‘download’ button.
  • Details of your referrals (myshopify URL) are provided in Monthly Commission Report (sent via email every month).


  • Here you can see more details of your commissions, including paid and owned amounts. You can also download the list by clicking the ‘download’ button.


  • This is similar to the ‘Rewards’ tab, but here you only find the paid amount. You can also change your PayPal account in this section by clicking ‘change’ button.

  • The minimum payout is $50 which means you will get paid if your commission exceeds $50 and you have at least 3 referred customers. In case you don't meet these requirements, we will accumulate your earnings until it reaches at least $50 to pay you.


Assets provide you with a package including the app introduction, Boost logo and banner that assist you in promoting BSD. Explore the resources by clicking on the red link.

If you have any other suggestions or concerns or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via

Thank you for being on this affiliate journey with Boost!