1. How do we track your referral stores?

Referrals can be tracked in either way:

  • Use the referral link provided in the onboarding email. Merchants who install the app via your link will be tracked as your referrals.
  • Submit referrals (Shopify URL) through the affiliate dashboard for verification and approval. Proof of connection may be requested.

2How can I find my unique referral link?

We've included this link in the first email you receive when being admitted to our system. It looks like this: https://boostcommerce.net/?utm_source=yourreferralID

If you miss it, let us know via email at partners@boostcommerce.net. We're more than happy to provide the link again.

3. My friend/client subscribed to the app without using the referral link. What can I do?

You can add a new lead on your dashboard, see how to do it HERE. We will carefully examine and verify every lead that you submitted to make sure it is eligible.

4. Why my lead hasn’t been approved yet?

A lead hasn’t been approved mostly because it hasn’t installed our app yet.

5. Why my lead is rejected?

A lead is rejected or not eligible can be accounted for one of the two reasons:

  • unsubscribed to our app
  • not referred by you

6. Why don't I receive commission from a paid customer?

If your referral is a paid customer, but you're not receiving any commission from them, it's likely because they are currently benefiting from a discount provided by our app. In this case, no commission is generated since we cannot offer both a discount and a commission simultaneously. Your commission will resume when your referral switches their plan or when their discount expires.

7. Can I sign up on behalf of my clients through my own referral link?

Sure. Just make sure you and your clients are both on the same page about the decision.

8. I need other promotional materials from Boost. Where can I find them?

The promotional materials can be found in the Assets section in your affiliate dashboard, or HERE.

If you need more marketing materials, feel free to contact us via email.

9. I need to sign a legal contract with Boost. Where can I find it?

Please contact us via email to proceed.

10. Is there a minimum payout threshold?

You will get paid if your commission exceeds $50 and you have at least 3 referred customers. In case you don't meet these requirements, we will accumulate your earnings until it reaches at least $50 to pay you.

11. When will I get paid?

All payouts are processed on a quarterly basis, in the month following a quarter. For instance, quarter 1 commissions are paid in April. We’ll email you the invoice to make sure the commission is correct before actually processing the payout.

12. What’s the payment method?

PayPal is our primary payment method. Payoneer is available as a secondary payment option. Other payment methods are not currently supported

13. What’s the currency of the payment?

All amounts payable shall be transferred in USD.

14. How can I add my PayPal account?

Please log in to your dashboard and navigate to ‘Edit Profile’ in the Dashboard section to add or change your PayPal account.

15. I have questions about the app features, who can I reach out to?

For any technical questions regarding our app features, please contact our support team at support@boostcommerce.net

16. Can I change the referral link?

Yes. Please contact us via email to modify the link.

17. Is it possible to see the list of all referrals?

Yes, we send the latest list of your referrals in the Commission Report each month. If you'd like to view it on demand, please contact us at partners@boostcommerce.net

18. What's new in Boost 3.0?

We've transformed our Product Filter & Search app into Boost AI Search & Discovery with AI-powered search and product recommendations, visual merchandising, product filters, and customer-tailored analytics. For more information, please visit HERE.

More than the commission, we're open to other co-marketing activities. Let us know if you are interested!

For more questions/concerns/feedback, contact us at partners@boostcommerce.net. We're always happy to help.