Adding a referred lead or customer on First Promoter System

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Conditions to add a referred lead or customer

You can submit both referred leads and customers to your Affiliate account.

  • Lead: a potential customer who have installed Boost AI Search & Discovery (trial), but not subscribed yet.
  • Customer: a subscribed (paid) store.

Ensure they are genuine referrals, meaning you have referred Boost AI Search & Discovery to them, and now you're still supporting and monitoring their stores.

How to add a referred lead or customer

After logging in to your account, you can find the space to add your referred leads/customers at the 3rd block of the "Dashboard".

Step 1: Input the myshopify URL of your clients following the format

Please follow the exact format for the system to recognize the lead.

Step 2: Click "Submit"

Alternatively, you can check out the tutorial video below:

  • For new referrals, we highly recommend you use your unique referral link that we sent in the welcome package. This would allow instant verification in the system.
  • Referral link can be changed upon your request, so please check with us if you’re not sure if you have changed it or not, or simply cannot find it.

How the system works

  • After adding your referred leads/customers, the system would go through a process to examine and verify all the stores you submitted.
  1. We check the myshopify URL that you input by connecting that data to our API, and then verify their status and plans they subscribe.
  2. Depending on the stores' status (paid/trial), they are marked on the system as following: customer (paid store); lead (trial store). The status is updated at the start of each month.
  3. Commission from paid customers is calculated based on their current plans; while trial customers is tracked until they become paid ones.
  • Ensure your referrals are genuine, we may request proof for validation.
  • Verification may take up to 7 business days, sometimes requiring manual resources.
  • You will receive a notification email once your referred stores are approved.