How to fix Translation Missing error on Sort by Option

📖 Due to the new updates from the Shopify system, there may have been a change that caused the sorting option to display an incorrect value, such as translation missing . This article will assist customers and developers in resolving this situation.

Step 1: Copy the following code to your clipboard:

var boostAI_DefaultSortingValue={sorting:"Sorting",sorting_best_selling:"Best Selling",sorting_featured:"Featured",sorting_heading:"Sorting",sorting_manual:"Manual",sorting_relevance:"Relevance",sorting_created_ascending:"Created Ascending",sorting_created_descending:"Created Descending",sorting_date_ascending:"Date Ascending",sorting_date_descending:"Date Descending",sorting_published_descending:"Published Descending",sorting_published_ascending:"Published Ascending",sorting_price_ascending:"Price Ascending",sorting_price_descending:"Price Descending",sorting_sale_ascending:"% Off",sorting_sale_descending:"% Off, Low to High",sorting_title_ascending:"Title Ascending",sorting_title_descending:"Title Descending"};try{if("undefined"!=typeof boostPFSThemeConfig&&boostPFSThemeConfig.hasOwnProperty("label"))for(var key in boostPFSThemeConfig.label){if(boostPFSThemeConfig.label.hasOwnProperty(key)&&"string"==typeof boostPFSThemeConfig.label[key])-1!==(value=boostPFSThemeConfig.label[key].toLowerCase()).indexOf("translation missing")&&void 0!==boostAI_DefaultSortingValue[key]&&(boostPFSThemeConfig.label[key]=boostAI_DefaultSortingValue[key])}if("undefined"!=typeof bcSfFilterConfig&&bcSfFilterConfig.hasOwnProperty("label"))for(var key in bcSfFilterConfig.label){var value;if(bcSfFilterConfig.label.hasOwnProperty(key)&&"string"==typeof bcSfFilterConfig.label[key])-1!==(value=bcSfFilterConfig.label[key].toLowerCase()).indexOf("translation missing")&&void 0!==boostAI_DefaultSortingValue[key]&&(bcSfFilterConfig.label[key]=boostAI_DefaultSortingValue[key])}}catch(e){console.log("Patch defaultSortingValue error")} 

Step 2: Identify the theme lib version (v1/v2)

Please check this guide to learn how to identify the theme lib version: Link

Step 3: Paste the code in step 1 at the beginning of the init files:

For theme lib v1:

In your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Find the theme you want to fix > Edit code > Access the file bc-sf-filter-init.js

// Paste the code above here
// V1 init
var bcsffilter = new BCSfFilter(); bcsffilter.init(); if (typeof bcSfFilterConfig != 'undefined' && typeof bcSfFilterConfig.general != 'undefined' && typeof bcSfFilterConfig.general.isInitFilter != 'undefined' && bcSfFilterConfig.general.isInitFilter === true) { bcsffilter.initFilter(); } jQ(window).load(function() { bcsffilter.initSearchBox(); }); 

For theme lib v2:

In your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Find the theme you want to fix > Edit code > Access the file boost-pfs-init.js

// Paste the code above here
// V2 init
var boostPFS = new BoostPFS();
if (typeof boostPFSConfig != 'undefined'
	&& typeof boostPFSConfig.general != 'undefined' 
	&& typeof boostPFSConfig.general.isInitFilter != 'undefined'
	&& typeof boostPFSThemeConfig != 'undefined'
	&& boostPFSConfig.general.isInitFilter === true) {
BoostPFS.jQ(window).on('load', function(){

Step 4: Recheck the storefront to make sure the problem is fixed

Return to your storefront and double-check if the fix is working or if the problems persist.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at