Manage your subscription

📖 Boost AI Search & Discovery summarizes all your package information on the Subscription page, which helps you understand what is included in your package.

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How to access your subscription management page from our app

From Boost AI Search & Discovery dashboard > Tool > Subscription.

Package Summary

In this section, you can find:

Current Status

You can know whether you are in a trial period or currently paying for the app.

Your invoice total

This is the total value of your package after the discount has been deducted. Please note that if there are any changes to your subscription package value (such as a discount applied, or an add-on added during a billing cycle), there may be a slight difference in the next bill (that you are actually charged) due to the overlap between the old and new subscription.

Cost breakdown

You can view the cost breakdown to get a more detailed look at how we calculate your package value.

Your package

In this section, you will find information about your package and its original value before any discounts.

You can click on the call-to-action button to access the in-app pricing page, where you can change, manage, or subscribe to a different package.

Your add-ons

This document lists all the active add-ons on your store. You can view all add-ons by clicking the "View add-on store" button, or remove/unsubscribe from an add-on by clicking the " " button.

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