Themes FAQs

📖 Here are some common issues you may encounter when setup themes with App's filter & search and ways to address them.

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How can I check if my current theme version is supported?

Our app supports all free themes and most installed themes in the Shopify theme store. We will always keep track of the latest updates of these themes as well as release support versions for other themes in the future.

To check the theme version of any theme:

  1. From Shopify’s App Admin > Online store > Themes.
  2. In [Target Theme] > Select Edit code in the drop-down of “...” icon.
  3. Search and open the file settings_schema.json > Check theme_name and theme_version.
  4. Compare your current theme version to our supported themes list.

If your current theme version is in the supported themes list, you can follow this theme set-up guide to integrate our app feature into your theme. On the contrary, you can set up a theme manually or customize our auto-applied default theme.

Why are some themes missing from Themes with the app's filter & search?

After implementing the theme setup process, all themes that have our app will be listed in the Themes with app's filter & search.

To check the themes set up library:

  1. From App Admin > go to Integration menu > select Shopify Integration > Theme Setup
  2. Set-up themes will be displayed in order of the most recent date.

If there are some themes that do not show up in the list, there could be down to some reasons:

  • Themes are not set up automatically: If you copy PFS files from one store to another without running the theme setup process, the theme with the new files will not be added to the setup themes list.
  • An error occurs during the sync process between PFS App Admin and Shopify webhooks: During the synchronization of theme data, an error may arise from retrieving data from the Shopify store. In this case, the set-up themes may not fully display in the list.
  • The size of the themes list exceeds Shopify's limit: Shopify allows each account to add up a limited number of themes (20 themes by default and up to 100 themes for Shopify Plus). If you reach your plan's theme limit, then you need to remove a theme before you can add a new one.

To manually update the themes list:

  1. From App Admin > go to Integration menu > select Shopify Integration > Theme Setup
  2. Select Refresh. The refresh process will finish in about 3 minutes.
  3. Check how your themes display in the list.

Why does my store look different after publishing your app-integrated theme?

After publishing a new theme with our app's features, you may notice the theme's layout is not rightly displayed and some elements can be missing. Some elements and layouts can look different for some reasons:

The default theme/ Original theme is applied to the live theme

The default theme will be applied automatically during the theme setup process when:

  • [Target Theme] is not in our supported themes list
  • [Target Theme] is in our supported themes list and it was heavily customized. If your theme customization is insignificant, our app will set up app features on the original version of that theme instead of the customized theme.

To retain your theme customization, you can either:

Lack of third-party apps interference

If you create and publish a new theme without integrating it with third-party store apps, these apps may trigger glitches on the storefront. To eliminate this issue, you can follow this guide to integrate third-party apps with your new theme.

Our supported themes list is not up to date

In case we miss theme updates from the theme maker, the latest layout may not fully display on the app-integrated theme.

Please contact us to keep up with the latest theme updates.

How to transfer filter and search settings between themes?

When a new theme is set up automatically, the settings and data of filter and search settings will be synchronized between all themes in the themes set-up library.

In case you want a theme with our app's features to go live, you can follow our themes setup and publish guide.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at