Translation App Lib V3 overview

📖 Let's have a look at what our Boost AI Search & Discovery's Translation feature have to offer.

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Access Translation (V3)

From App admin > Tool > Translation.

What’s new in Translation (V3)

  • Rearranged tab order:
    1. Filter
    2. Sort by
    3. Search
    4. Instant search display
    5. Products
    6. Recommendation
    7. No results display
    8. Old version

  • Added 2 new tabs:
    1. Products: The fields in this tab only apply to themes upgraded to the latest version and are not relevant to themes in older versions (customize in theme settings V3)
    2. Old version: The fields in this tab only apply to the older version (V1) and are not relevant to the latest version. This tab collects the following ones from Translation V2:
    • Recently viewed & Most popular
    • Default theme
    • Collection page
    • Quick view
    • Add to cart
  • Note: With the remaining tabs: apply for themes in both V2 & V3.

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