How to enable Variants display

📖 The variants display feature lets you separate variants of a product and display them as individual products on collection pages and search results pages, which makes it easier for customers to locate and purchase the exact product variant they’re looking for.

Here is an example of how a product will be displayed as 2 individual products when using Variants Display settings.

⚠ This feature only works with Boost AI Search & Discovery V2 and above. To find out which version of our app you are using, please follow this article.

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How to set Variants display

Step 1: Enable feature.

  1. From the app admin, go to the Settings icon menu > Select Variants display.

  2. Toggle the button to enable the feature.

Step 2: Select options.

Choose the options that you want to use for displaying variants as individual products. 

You can select specific options such as Color, Size, etc., or select all options.

💡 Title is always shown as an option by default due to Shopify's settings.

After the variants are separated, their titles will be shown in the default format: [Product name] - [Option 1’s value name] - [Option 2’s value name].

For example, Ruffle Flare Dress - Black - XS.

You can customize the variant title by arranging the option values' names using drag-and-. 

For example, if you drag Size before Color, the title will be Ruffle Flare Dress - XS - Black.

Step 3: Choose where to display variants.

To display variants, select one or more collections from the drop-down list. 

If you want to display variants as products in all collections, select Select all collections.

By default, variants are separated only on collection pages. However, you can also choose to display variants as products on the search results page. To do so, tick the Search results page option.

⚠ The latest Variants Display feature no longer supports displaying separated products in the instant search results. As the instant search widget is intended to provide quick and relevant search results, displaying all individual products in the widget could create cluttered search results, making it more difficult for users to find what they are looking for. Therefore, this change has been made to provide the best possible search experience for customers. 

Step 4: Save the settings.

Click "Save" to save your settings. 

Please note that the process may take 3-10 minutes depending on the number of variants and products in your store.

💡 This tool displays the variant image that you set on the product detail page in Shopify admin. If there is no image for the variant, the default product image will be shown instead. 

By default, we do not support showing the hover image for variants after they are separated. If you would like to customize this, please contact us.

Other features impacted by enabling/disabling Variants Display

Enabling or disabling the Variants Display feature can have some effects on other features, such as Merchandising Rule, Display Settings of search…Therefore, it is important to understand these potential impacts before making any changes to your settings. 

💪 Learn more about Merchandising here

Variants Display with Merchandising Rule

When you toggle the button to enable or disable Variants Display feature, a popup will appear if you have rules that are currently affected by this feature. To help you understand how your rules may be impacted, we have listed all the following cases.

Case 1: Select products when creating/editing a rule

You can select a variant product ID when creating a merchandising rule, such as Pin, Boost, Demote, Hide, or Filters if the Variants Display feature is enabled.

  • When setting a merchandising rule for a Collection Page, the product variants for that specific collection will only be displayed if you have selected that collection to show the variants.

  • When setting a merchandising rule for a commerce search, the product variants for the search results page will only be displayed if you have checked the Search results page option.

💡 The latest Variants Display feature no longer supports displaying separated products in the instant search results. Therefore, the separated products will be only shown for search results pages with the merchandising rule you create. 

Case 2: Disabled Variants Display after creating merchandising rules with product variants

The selected product variants for merchandising rules will be replaced by its parents product.

For example, you have already created a merchandising rule for the Skirt collection page that hides the product variant Autumn Women Shirt - Gray - M (with product ID of 44356189192483).

However, after creating this rule, you disabled the Variants Display setting.

The Autumn Women Shirt - Gray - M variant with the product ID of 44356189192483 are replaced by its parent product, which is Autumn Women Shirt, with product ID of 8142729871651. 

Case 3: Enable Variants Display after creating merchandising rules with parent products

After enabling the Variants Display settings, you will need to manually reselect the product variant to apply the merchandising rules that you have created with parent products. Our app does not automatically select a product variant as a product can have multiple variants, and which product you choose depends on your merchandising strategy. This is to avoid any errors that may occur due to an incorrect product selection.

Therefore, you must edit and reselect the product variants manually to ensure that the merchandising rules are applied to the correct products.

Variants Display with Instant Search

The latest Variants Display feature no longer supports displaying separated products in the instant search results. As a result, you will need to select the parent products for all Instant Search-related settings.

💪 Learn more about Instant Search settings here

For example, you select products to display on the instant search widget when your customers click on the search box. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at