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What is Boost Partial Search?

Partial search is a feature that allows users to search for a keyword or phrase even if they only remember part of it. For example, if a user remembers only the first few letters of a word or phrase, partial search will still be able to find relevant results. This can be particularly useful when searching through large amounts of data or when a user is unsure of the exact spelling or phrasing of what they are looking for.

  • Note: This feature is only available for App Lib V3, please contact us for further instructions.

Why is Partial Search valuable for your Business?

Partial Search enhances the overall product discovery process, resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

  • Boost revenue and decrease bounce rate: Streamlined performance on partial part number searches will minimize bounce rates, and no-search-result rates, and facilitate faster conversions, all of which contribute to increased revenue.
  • Enhance Product Discoverability: By implementing partial search, a business can improve the discoverability of its products. This is because users can input even a partial product name or a number and still find relevant search results.
  • Improve User Experience: Users searching for products on a website may not always have the full part number or name of the product they are looking for. With partial search, users can input any part of the product name or number and quickly find the product they want.

How does Boost Partial Search work?

Tokenizers break a string of characters into tokens that can be made searchable. The supported Tokenizers are summarized in the table below:

Example use case
Creates Prefix tokens.
Searching for ballwill include results for ”balloon”.
Searching for alpha will include results for “alphanumeric”.
Creates Suffix tokens.
Searching for ballwill include results for "baseball ".
Searching for metric will include results for "geometric".
Creates Infix tokens.
Searching for Metric will include results for "Asymmetrical".
Searching for Pha will include results for "Alphalux".