Highlight Features of Boost 3.0: AI-Powered

On March 2023, Product Filter & Search officially releases a beta version of our app - Boost 3.0: AI-Powered, which accomplishes a bunch of game-changing features.

In this article, we will update the latest improvements of our app's features in this beta release. This beta version is now closed. Please refer to our official App Lib V3 for more information.

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In March 2023, we will unveil our most awaited transformation, Boost AI Search & Discovery, the next generation of Boost Product Filter and Search. Before that major milestone, Boost 3.0: AI-Powered - a Beta version will be released to grant eligible customers early access.

In this release, our main features have been significantly transformed thanks to the participation of AI powerful tools. These innovative new capabilities enable you to tailor every detail of your store to personalize the shopping experience.

Boost 3.0: AI-Powered is a free service that includes all the premium features and will soon open up for our new pricing plan.

Theme App Extension

To reduce errors that arise during the traditional theme code modification process, we have developed new Theme App Extension on our app. This tool offers a more streamlined solution for app integration and customization without modifying the theme code.

Furthermore, this new theme set-up and theme revert process allow you to enable/disable distinctive features of our app on any theme without causing display errors.

New Theme Settings

Our Default theme settings and Quick view & Cart settings have been integrated into a single place: Theme Settings. New Theme Setting is a theme visual editing tool that allows you to customize any elements on the collection page and search page.

Instead of switching between the Shopify theme editor and our app's default theme settings, you can now modify any theme directly from our theme settings UI. Furthermore, our app also provides a collection of pre-built Shopify themes matching layouts that do not require any extra development.

AI-Powered Search

Facet Extraction and Intent Understanding

Facet Extraction is the process of breaking down and analyzing keywords that show product scores in the searched keyword phrase. With the provided search attributes such as color, size, price, style and intended use, our AI-fueled engine will analyze the customer's search intent and filter the most relevant results based on the user's specified criteria.

Set search display priority for product attributes

Our new algorithm performs more accurate results based on deep data crawl process from wider product attributes. In addition to toggling searchable attributes, you may now decide how to rank their influence over the display of search results.

Partial Search and Typo Tolerance

To significantly enhance customers’ search experience, we have increased the flexibility of our search queries. With advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, input keywords will be automatically rectified thus providing accurate results even if users just submit a part or misspell the keywords.

Numeric Search and Special Character

Besides product attributes, customers now can numerically search for a range of products. With numeric and special character search, you could allow users to refine results and only see items which include a specific price range.

AI Synonyms

In addition to the manual synonyms system, our app has created an AI synonyms system that automatically recognizes similar sets of words based on the store’s search query data. Through the Natural language process, our AI-fueled system will continuously detect and form connections between the search intent and corresponding product data; thereby giving relevant search results.

Product Recommendation

In Boost 3.0: AI-Powered, our app offers different sorts of product recommendations that customers may find relevant to their desired products. Recommendation materials will be continuously collected from the store data with the assistance of our flexible AI models to display on pages. You may also manually select recommended items to meet your specific needs.

To increase the success of upsell and cross-sell campaigns, these suggestion widgets will be placed at four touchpoints including Homepage, Collection page, Product page and Cart page.

Visual Merchandising

Our app incorporates Product Ranking, Rule-based Merchandising and Product Visibility into 5 different strategies: Pin - Boost - Demote - Hide - Filter. This new approach enables you to take control over product results displaying not only on the search page and instant search widget but also on the collection page.


Our app has increased app adoption by providing a more user-friendly integration experience for non-tech savvy. Thanks to new dynamic app blocks and app embeds customization, our app enables individual apps to serve their designed purposes and work with one another without causing any glitch.

  • Note: More features and upgrades will be introduced and constantly improved for our Official Release.