Recommendation FAQs

Here are some common issues you may encounter when building your recommendation widgets and ways to address them.

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Why I can’t see the recommendation widget in the storefront even though I’ve set it up?

There are several possible reasons why the recommendation widget you set may not be working as expected. Some recommendation types require more data, such as the widget needing data on source products or the shopper's history to base its recommendations on:

  • Frequently bought together
    • If you don't see the "Frequently bought together" and "Related items" widgets on the cart page as a shopper, it might be because your cart doesn't have any products added yet.
      • These two recommendation types on the cart page are based on the list of products on the cart. When the cart is empty, the "Frequently bought together" and "Related items" models cannot generate recommended products → There are no recommended products, the recommendation widget will be hidden.
    • If you set up a rule-based recommendation but there are no recommended products that match the rule, then you won't see any product recommendations and the recommendation widget won't appear on the storefront.
  • Hand-picked product
    • If you do not see the "Hand-picked product" widget on the product page after setting it up, there may be two reasons:
      • You set rules for source products on the Manual settings < Hand-picked products page, but you have not created a hand-picked widget from the Manage recommendation widget menu.
      • Alternatively, you might have set the Hand-picked product widget on the Manage recommendation widget menu, but you have not set source products (hand-picked products) on the Manual settings menu.
  • Recently view
    • If you don’t see “Recently view” widget on the storefront as a shopper, it might be because you are new to this store and haven’t viewed any product details yet.

For other recommendation types such as Best sellers, New arrivals, Trending products, Most viewed, Frequently bought together" (on the product page), and "Related items (on the product page), they will always be displayed if you have completely set them up.

Data required for Boost Product recommendation

The model will get data of published products in the last 3 months. The following recommendation types require your data:

Recommendation type Required data types
Frequently bought together

Data required: purchase event, product data.

Required number of events: At minimum, 1250 purchase events.

Related items - Alternative

Data used: view event, product data.

Required number of events: At minimum, 30 products are published.

Related items - Complementary

Data used: purchase event, product data.

Required number of events: At minimum, 1250 purchase events, each purchase consisting of more than 2 products.

Trending product

Data used: purchase event, view event.

Required data: Purchase or view event from in 1-7 day(s).

Most viewed

Data used: view event.

Required data: View events in 30 days.


Data used: purchase event.

Required data: Purchase events in 30 days.

💡 In the event that there is not enough data for this feature to be used, our system will collect data from the store on a daily basis until there is sufficient data, and then process and retrain the recommendation types according to the new data.

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Watch our tutorial video to see how to set up Product Recommendation Widget: