Customizing Analytics settings

By default, both Collections and Search Analytics, which are offered by our app, contain  "Total sales generated by app" metrics. You can totally take control of these metrics as our app lets you decide if you want the app to gather them or not, based on your needs. In addition, you may want to exclude filter and search events from certain IP addresses from your analytics, such as which are from your store's internal traffic. As a result, our app's Analytics section provides you with a feature that lets you exclude specific IP addresses from your analytics.

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Enable and disable order revenue tracking

When you do not want your Collections and Search analytics to gather sales-related data and contain " Total sales generated by app" metrics, you can disable our app’s order revenue tracking. It is worth noting that when this feature is enabled, none of your data is stored.

  • NOTE: 

Order revenue tracking is only available when you are using the latest version of our app. You can follow the instructions to know the version of Product Filter & Search that your store is using.

By default, order revenue tracking is always enabled. To turn it off:

  • From the app’s admin, go to Analytics.
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • In the Order revenue tracking section, toggle off the Enable order revenue tracking button.
  • Click Turn it off in the Turn off order revenue tracking pop-up message. By clicking the button, you no longer provide the View order permission for our app to report your store's Total sales generated by app metrics. The data will no longer be recorded and it will be shown as blank in the chart.

  • Wait until you see the Permission updated successfully announcement. 
  • You can enable order revenue tracking anytime by simply switching on the button > Click Continue in the Turn on order revenue tracking pop-up message. Click Update app to finish the process. 

Exclude specific IP addresses from your analytics

Whenever you detect IP addresses that you don’t want to take into account in your analytics, excluding them from your analytics can help you learn better about how your customers are actually interacting with your e-commerce website. To exclude specific IP addresses from your analytics:

  • From the app’s admin, go to Analytics.
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • In the Ignore IPs section, fill in the IP address that you want to exclude from your analytics one at a time. Click + Add after each one is typed in. 
  • You will get notified if the IP address is invalid.
  • Click Save.