Ranking specific products in search results

Our app comes with Product ranking feature, which allows you to customize how a specific product is displayed in the results list offered by your Instant search bar and search results pages. 

It is worth noting that Product ranking helps you increase visibility for some of your products, on top of our app’s default ranking algorithm and it does not prevent your customers from finding what they are looking for. This feature can assist you to merchandise products by highlighting sale items, guiding customers toward your high-margin products, running promotional campaigns, and demoting products when needed. 

You can have a look at our visual instructions on how to use this feature here.

To place individual products in the desired position with Product ranking:

Note: This feature only works when you enable Relevance sorting on search results pages.

  1. From the app’s admin, go to Merchandising > Product ranking.
  2. You can manually detect the product that you want to change its position in search results or you can type its title or product ID in the provided search box. 
  3. In the corresponding drop-down of Ranking, choose the ranking setting based on your needs:
    • No ranking: no custom ranking will be applied to this product.
    • Always prioritized: when selected, this product will always be pinned to the top of the search results for whatever a search query is.
    • Matched search: the product with this setting will appear first in matching search results. For example, this option will let “Rebecca Lace Turtleneck Top” appear first in hundreds of results for the search query “turtleneck”.
    • Keyword search: whenever customers submit a specific search query, this product will be placed at the top of search results. In the Add search key field in the Date range column, enter a comma-separated list of words that will activate this option. For example, whenever customers type in “t-shirt”, the highest-margin t-shirt, called “Daisy t-shirt”, will appear first in search results.
    • At the bottom: this option hides the product at the bottom of search results. You can utilize this option when you want to demote specific products.
  4. In the drop-down of Data range, set a validity period that determines how long this custom ranking remains active on your website and click Apply. When the ranking setting is set at No time limit, it will be effective at all times. 
  5. Click Save ranking.
  6. Click Ranking ▼ to sort ranked products by priority or vice versa to check and adjust your ranking list.

Note: When a product is configured with Product ranking settings and also met the conditions of a rule created by our Rule-based merchandising feature, how it is placed in search results will be based on its Product ranking setting

Search results will display every matching record in the order listed below:

  1. The product is set up with Always prioritized option.
  2. The product is set up with Matched search option.
  3. The product is set up with Keyword search option.