How to set up Redirects

📖 In this article, we are learning how to set up Boost AI Search & Discovery's Redirects to help you avoid giving out redundant search results to your customers.

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When your customer submits a specific search query, redirects automatically direct them to a specific landing page, which could be a collection page, an informational page, or any third-party website.

Redirects bring significant benefits to your store:

  • Your customers can search for products that are irrelevant to your site or they submit search queries with typos, you can redirect them to specific landing pages to display recommendations that they might be interested in. These efforts will result in higher conversion rates.
  • Customers can use the search bar to find information about shipping methods, opening hours, etc. To avoid “no results” pages, you can redirect them to relevant informational pages.
  • Redirects help your business remarkably in cross-selling, up-selling, and campaign promotions.

Set up redirects

To set up redirects in the app’s dashboard

1. From the app’s admin, go to Search > Standard Search > Redirects.
2. Click + Add new.
3. In the Search terms section, add words and phrases (each is separated by a comma and a space) which will automatically direct them to a defined URL. Fill in the defined URL in the corresponding box in the Redirect to section. 
4. Click Save redirects.
💡 Redirect settings do not work in the instant search bar on collection pages. When a search term is configured with both Redirect settings and Synonym rules, the Redirect settings will be prioritized. 

Customize redirects

To customize your existing redirects

1. From the app’s admin, go to Search > Standard Search > Redirects.
2. Click Edit.
3. Customize any search term and its redirect to your liking.
4. Toggle the Status button of any redirect that you want to enable and disable.
5. Click Save redirects.
6.  [Optional] To delete a redirect, check the Delete box of the corresponding search term. Click Delete selected. And click Delete in the Delete selected? pop-up.

Import and export redirects

Our app allows you to export a large number of redirects at one time. This tool can help you to create a backup of your redirects, exchange redirect settings between different Shopify stores that have Boost AI Search & Discovery installed, and edit your redirects in bulk.

To export your redirects from your store

1. From the app’s admin, go to Search > Standard Search > Redirects.
2. Click Export under the Redirects heading.
3. Click Export in the Export redirects to CSV file pop-up to receive the CSV file of your existing redirects.
4. Double-check the file that was downloaded by your browser.
After exporting your redirects and making changes to the CSV file, you can import the updated CSV file into the app's admin.

To import redirects using a CSV file

1. From the app’s admin, go to Search > Standard Search > Redirects.
2. Prepare your CSV file with redirects that you want to import into the app. You can download the sample to understand all fields that your CSV file can contain.
3. Click Import under the Redirects heading.
4. Click the Choose file button and select the CSV file that you want to import.
5. Click Upload. You will receive a message about new redirects that the CSV file contains. Check this notification to make sure all redirects that you want to import are recognized. Then click Import.
6. After successfully importing, you can continue to import other redirects by clicking Import more redirects and repeating the above steps. 

7. Select View all redirects to make sure all the redirects have been added to the app’s admin successfully.

Tutorial Video

This tutorial can help you learn more about this feature of Boost AI Search & Discovery.

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