How to use HTML characters in the translation fields

This article guides how to use the HTML characters found in the Translation tool.

When translating texts (Filter/ Search page/ Instant Search/ etc.) in the Translation tool, there could be some translation fields include HTML character such as {{ count }}/ {{ term }}/ {{ from }}/ {{ to }}/ {{ from }}/ {{ amountProduct }}/etc. 

These HTML characters are to show the dynamic values, which can be automatically updated according to different inputs.

Here's an example translation field that will automatically display the result count for {{ count }} according to the search term {{ term }} that customers type:

In a translation field that supports HTML characters, we can rearrange/remove its supported characters but cannot add the unsupported ones.

In the above example, we could change it into Display "{{ terms }}" with a result of {{ count }} products but cannot add {{ amountProduct }} to the translation field.

It's impossible to add HTML characters to a translation field that doesn't support them.