How to use Variants display on App Lib V2

📖 Variants display feature lets you separate variants of a product and display them as individual products on collection pages, search results pages, and instant search results.

💡 This tool will display the variant image you set on the product detail page on Shopify admin. In case there is no image for the variant, the default product image will be shown instead.



Go to the Tool menu > Select Variants display


Toggle the button to enable the feature


Choose the options to base on when showing variants as separate products

  • You could select a/some specific options

💡 Title is always shown as an option by default due to  Shopify's settings.

After the variants are split, their title will be shown in the default format: [Product name] - [Option 1’s value name] - [Option 2’s value name]... For eg ,  Dress - Pink - Medium
  • You can arrange the option values' name on the variant title by drag-and-drop the selected options. For example, drag Size before Color and the title will be Dress - Medium - Pink.

Select a/some collection(s) to display variants from the drop-down list. If you want to display variants as products on all collections, select Select all collections.


( Optional) By default, the variants are separated on the collection pages only. You can choose to display variants as products on search results page and/or instant search results.

Tick the option where you also would like the feature to take effects on:


Click Save to save the settings. 

💡 It normally takes 3-10 minutes to finish the process depending on the number of variants and products your store has.

💡 By default, we don’t support showing the hover image for variants after they are separated. Contact us if you would like to customize this.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at